Review Request: CRKT S-2

Oct 23, 1998
I am really fond of the looks of this knife.
Is there anyone here who has one? How does it feel? How does it carry? Is the handle thick like those Junglee knives or is it thinner like Spydercos and Benchmades?
I am thinking seriously about getting one, especially if I can find a great deal on one.
Hi Kodiac,

The S-2's have not been released yet. Currently the expected release for this knife is sometime in December. I have seen the prototype of this model and it looks to be quite a winner. The slight curvature of the handle makes the knife conform to your hand. Overall craftsmanship looks pretty good. The knife looks like a good, sturdy utility knife.

Handle thickness - if I recall correctly it is probably about the thickness of the Sebenza (a little wider than Benchmade).

Hope this info helps!
The only negitive I've heard about this knife is that the ATS-34 blade is only hardened to about ~RC56, too soft for such a good steel. I don't know how, if at all this will affect the knife.

Looks like I'm smoking crack...really RC 57-58. much better, but not perfect

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If true, it would make the blade a real disappointment. If you're gonna leave the blade soft, why use ATS-34? Hard to believe, though.

What I'm a touch more worried about is the handle size. CRKT recently came out with those two zytel-handled knives, the small one is real nice, but the large one has a much worse blade-to-handle ratio. The S-2 looks in the pictures like a small blade tucked inside a huge handle. Anyone have the specs?


Discount Knives has a page for the S2 <a href="">here</a>. The blade length is given as 3.63" and the handle length is 4.94". The handle is slightly longer than the Pinnacle which has a similar length blade and a 4.7" handle.

Clay, thanks for the pointer

At this size range, I feel that the handle should be no more than 1" longer than the blade length -- and a talented knifemaker, like Elishewitz, can consistently get it around .75" longer. However, 1.25" is forgiveable I guess, and they've kept the handle under the magic number (for me) of 5". After 5", I find handles uncomfortable, that's just me though.

So I guess I'm unhappy about the handle size, but I won't actually burst out in tears over it

They do have the hardness listed as 57-58. That's too soft, we'll see how it holds an edge I guess.


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David, I can't fathom why someone would go through the trouble to use ATS-34 and then heat treat it to 57 Rc. At that hardness, they coulda used 440C and it would've been more stainless. Maybe it's somehow cheaper or easier (or both) to leave the ATS-34 at 57 Rc, and they're using the steel mostly as a gimmick.


My guess is that CKRT grinds after blade hardening. Grinding before hardening just begs for warpage and other problems manufacturers cant afford. The lower Rockwell would be much easier to grind on automated equipment, and keep their price point.

ATS34 is known as one of the worst factory steels to auto. grind. If your grinding wheels arent just right they will "burn" your blades.

Shouldnt cost any more to Heat Treat to 59-61
than what they heat treat to now.

I like the look of the S2, but for 150 bucks it should have a user reversible clip, ambi studs, and be 59-61 RC.
Anthony, I agree with your last statement. People expecting Benchmade-type edge holding are going to be in for a surprise.