review request: CUDA

Jul 14, 2000
im lookin at gettin one,and a.g. usually has 'em used for pretty cheap
,so what do you think about them?TIA
i had three cyber cudas and was quite dissapointed, but i have heard good things about there regular production line.
Which particular CUDA? CUDA is the name for a whole line of knives, I have 1 CUDA folder and 2 CUDA fixed blades. I like them all.
the cuda folders ,i should have been more specific. the one with the sliding thumb disc.thanks
I have one of the folders and couldn't be happier with it. I just got back from a week of deer hunting and I tried it on everything from an old doe to cutting up a steak dinner. I think you would have to really abuse it before it would fail to satisfy you.

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