Review Request: Emerson Raven

Oct 2, 1998
Anyone have any opinions on this knife? Seems cool to me, but the price isn't. Also, does anyone know of a dealer with semi-discounted prices for this knife? Thanks!


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Ground, first off lemme say I hate thats right hate plastic knives, cold steel and such. But after a specwar and commander I had to try one, and to my suprise the raven has become a constant travelling companion. (one of about 4) I chose the clip with black and no serrations, action is buttery smooth and lock up is great, the way it moves being so light is my real love of it. The chisle ground is not my favorite but in all but a few cases it kicks a**. The thing that got me past the "plastic knive" thing is the fact that it has a titanium liner all the way through. And the handle, well, grips back I heard that and tried to disprove, couldn't. Try it you'll like it. MikeM