Review request for TOPS Firestrike

Oct 28, 2000
I have seen one of these at a gunshow, but I cannot seem to find anymore of them. I am planning on ordering one, but would like to see if anyone has any comments before I make a decision one way or the other.

I did a search here, and came up with a lot about TOPS, but not much about the FS or about their 3/16" blades.

Thanks in advance,
WOO HOO according to blade it can chop through a telephone pole without damage

Next time I want to piss off my neighbors I'll break one of these out

Any other user reviews?
Another one of Blade's total BS reviews. Guy talks about chopping a telephone pole in half, and the picture clearly shows that the "pole" is maybe half the width of the 7" blade. Oh, and he cuts aircraft skin, sheet metal, car door......
Sorry, but I hate magazine reviews-yet to see a bad one.

tique, no Firestrike review, but Cliff Stamp does have a Steel Eagle review on his page.
Same handle as the Firestrike, and blade length options.
I think Jeff Randall reviewed the Firestrike, and I'll see if I can find it.

Thanks for the info. I think the Steel Eagle was one of their 1/4" blades though. The firestrike should have a bit better geometry from the start as it is 3/16". I am pretty sure Jeff did a review on the Storm Rider, I think that's what put my dad over the edge in wanting one
Got that for him, but I think it's 1/4" as well.