Review Request" Gerber Air Frame

Just read about it in TK. Retails for $260 or so. I was shocked. Didn't look that great of a knife.

Anyone handle this knife? Any good? Worth the price of a small Sebenza?

I'm very interested in hearing some opinions.


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Jun 20, 1999
Everything I know about the Airframe is from the review in TK, but I agree that it seemed mediocre. Even if the performance is as good as the article claims, I wouldn't buy one based on the fact that I just don't like how it looks, it's not aesthetically pleasing to me at all. And for that much I would definately go with a small Sebenza.

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I have yet to handle an Airframe. Does anyone out there have one? I`ve read reviews and seen photos, but I sure don`t know where to buy one right now! Who`s stocking them?
Roger at Bayou Lafourche says he will sell them when he gets them in the $130-$140 range. Email him at

I just talked to him today after posting this.

Gerber sent me an Air Frame for an article I did some time ago for Blade. It's a sweet piece, very different from what Gerber normally produces. It's good to see them going in this direction, as rubber and Zytel folders are tough enough for daily use but are not elegant as well. The blade was plenty sharp out of the box, and grinds were even. Action was smooth, Teflon washers in the pivot. The cast titanium handle is different in the sens that there was no machining operations involved with the handle, all of the holes and radiuses and contours were all created with the casting process. Blade lockup is very secure with no wobble in either direction and the ti lockbar doesn't gall to the tang. The pocket clip is pretty cool too, sits in a machined recess on the pivot end of the handle and blends in with the rest of the handle. My only complaint about the handle is the pocket clip's upturned part at the very end lies on the peak of the handle swell. Therefore, I can feel that upturned portion of the clip pressing into my palm when I grip the knife. Note, the prototypes that I received and same with TK have Harsey's signature cast into one of the scales. Gerber has already informed me that the future models will not have this, as the casting process renders his sig blurry. Other than that, it's a well made piece from Gerber.

Hope this helps.

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Dexter, Thanks for the info. I have one on order and personally can't wait. I have read others comments about the Airframe ( I doubt they have had the oppurtunity to try one) and someone said "they seem like they are probably for less sophisticated knife users". Maybe I am unsophisticated, but what's wrong with a 154CM blade and a titanium handle? Maybe some of the youngin's don't remember the Gerber Mark I/II's. Gerber kinda invented the tactical market. I am really excited about this knife and in my opinion it is the first exciting thing Gerber has offered since they brought back the Paul knife several years ago.

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