Review Request: Greco Hatch-It and/or knives

Apr 24, 1999
Hey, I took a look at that Greco contact info thread in the general forum and checked out his stuff at the listed sites. I'm wondering if anyone has Greco's Hatch It or any of his knives like the Companion or Defender and if they'd be willing to post a review or intitial impressions about their stuff. Also, a review of Greco as a maker and seller would also be nice. And by the way, anyone check out how much a REKAT Fang is on Hammerhead Knives' site? $90.00!
Never owned one but handled quite a few of the different models at the Arkansas show a little bit ago. I don't care which one you pick they are all built like a brick **** house. They are all thick and heavy and pretty much look like you could seriously beat on them. Balance was good on the tip clip, and the hatch-it was smaller than I expected from seeing some pictures prior to the show. For the price the guy sells em' at they aren't the tops in fit and finish but they appear tough and useable.

Just some impressions from the show.

I purchased a Greco "Defender" in Dec.98 and a Greco "MST" in Jan99. As a knifemaker and as a man, I find Mr. Greco to be one of the finest I have spoken to in years. He and his wife are as helpful and pleasant as you could ask for. The quality of the 2 knives was second to none. His work is very well finished and fitted together. As was mentioned the blades are THICK. 1/4 inch on the both of mine. This makes the blades less responsive to thin slicing and that sort of thing, but they are very sharp, and take and hold an edge very well. The Defenders hook shaped tip is very catchy, and will grab and slice whatever you swipe it at. Penetration of the slicing action is truly amazing. It is not a design for stabbing,but for ripping and slicing. At this it works well.
The MST is a more conventional designed blade, and can take anything I have put it to in the year or so I have had it. All of the steel he used at the time of my purchase was carbon steel. One of mine is A-2 and the other is 5160, if I remember correctly. The blasted and non-toxic lacquer finish that he applys really seems to adhear quite well, as mine show no noticeable wear in their year of use. The sheaths are very well put together leather. (I would love to see them offer kydex). But the leather is good and lacks nothing in it's form or function.
Sorry to run on so, but I am very impressed with the Greco work, and intend to buy an MST2 that I see on the market now.
All told, you can not go wrong with a Greco purchase!! IMHO LOL Later..............
Is the tang tappered to reduce weight? Is it extremly heavy? Has anyone ever tried to carry it concealed? Is it to heavy to be comfortable for anything but a belt knife. I sure fo like that companion and the price is soooo right.

I have one of his original Boot designs with the flat handles. In all honesty, this is a using knife. Period. I carry it on my BDU belt whenever I'm working. As for strength, I have personnaly punched it through a 55 gallon drum full of water that we couldn't open. End result? the water drained, we went home, and most of my buddies wanted to know where the heck I got that knife.

As far as I know, John doesn't do tapered tangs. The blade is the same thickness throughout the knife. As for concealability, well, that's up to the user.

John makes the knives, his wife (Sherry?) makes the sheaths. These are two people I recommend you try to talk with at any knife show or on the phone. Very down to earth, and more than happy to discuss ANY knife!!

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These knives are all full tang knives, not taper tang. I personally do not feel that they
are too heavy. They are not light compared to other slimmer knifes of the same size, but mine are perfectly comfortable for all day cary. The Defender goes in a inside the pants, bootclip type sheath. The MST is a regular belt sheath. I am sure there lighter
knifes out there, but these seem perfectly comfortable to me. They would be too heavy for , let's say a neck knife of that sort of thing. One must judge the carry options one wants in a knife first I suppose. These are fine for belt, inside the pant, boot and that sort of carry. I would opt for a lighter knife if your looking for any truly light duty carrys. Then again I feel comfortable carrying my Hells Belle from Ontario inside my pants. 6'4" 220# can hide allot of knife, if one wants to. Good Luck.
Greco's knives are among the most rugged I have ever seen. My Companion could seemingly be used for darned near any task and still come out unscathed. Jonn's knives are full tang, and the Companion is no exception with its 1/4 inch A2 tang. the blades are taped by grinding/stock removal beginning where the handle scales end. Very nice grinds. Excellent blade geometry. Sharp. Rugged. Perhaps THE best value in knives anywhere. And the comments about John & Sherry being good people are more than seconded by me. I met them for the very first time at a show a month or so back. They treated me like a long lost buddy. Super people. Super products.

BTW... the pics on Hammerhead don't do the knives justice.

I have had one of his knives in the studio for photographs. I didn't want to send it back. It and the ones I have seen at the shows are all no nonsense work horses. I don't think I could imagine anyone not be happy with his product.

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