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Review request: H1 Fallkniven

Oct 12, 1998
Has anyone had a chance to try this knife yet or at least handled it? Looks like it would make a great skinner.

Any vendor have it in stock?


Alex Penton
Haven't seen any yet here in the boreal region of Alberta, but the profile is darned close to the Roselli erapuukko (hunting knife). I used my Roselli on a moose hunt a couple of years ago and it is an excellent skinner. The narrow tip also makes it a useful utility knife, although you have to be careful making the opening cut. VG-10 steel compares well to good carbon steel, so the H-1 should be a dandy knife for cutting everything from tomatoes to moose.
Originally posted by alex:
Has anyone had a chance to try this knife yet or at least handled it?
Don't own one, but I've handled it in the store. Feels massive with good balance and the handle is quite a bit thicker than F1/S1/A1 in a good way.

I hear a lot of them have been shipped to North America.

Urban Fredriksson www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/
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I own a H1 number 272, and have used it for about 2 months. During this time I have skinned 2 elk's and used it as an allround knife. The VG-10 blade really holds an good edge, and the knife handles well during skinning and butchering. The overall impression is that the H1 is a solid well buildt knife.
Hey Guys....

Murray from ProEdge http://www.proedgeknives.com
sent me a HI for sheathing and I must say that it is of just as high quality as Any of the other Fallknivens.

In my opinion it's one of the finest production hunting knives in the market. More of a heavy duty hunting knife for bigger game,,as it will take the abuse...

Hope this helps...



On/Scene Tactical
Leading The Way In Quality Synthetic Sheathing
Hey, Eric, does this mean you're going to stock Concealex sheaths for the H1, as well as the rest of the Fallkniven line? Just asking, but Christmas is just around the corner... Ed
Hey Ed...




On/Scene Tactical
Leading The Way In Quality Synthetic Sheathing
Thanks for the input guys. Looks like I now know what I will be giving myself for Christmas.

Alex Penton
The H1 is definetly a heavy duty Hunter..
Thick VG-10 steel blade with convex grind and large Kraton Handle.
Holds a fantastic edge, great utility and skinner..

A Custom Concealex Sheath from OS/T is a must for this high quality hunter..

Murray Haday
ProEdge Knives
Tel: 905 328 8212
Sounds sort of like a replacement for the old Spyderco Moran with the convex blade. Great! I really regret not getting one of those before they switched to the flat grind.