Review request: Masters of Defense series

I have not handled one in person but have researched them quite extensively. I'll probably pick up the Hornet first, then the LadyHawk...whenever it comes out. I hear they are microtech quality without quite as hefty a price tag. If you can't find one under $125...keep looking, there out there! Hope this helps!

Thanks Salmon!

I just orderd a Hornet myself for $125.
I'll post my review when I recieve it in a couple of days. BTW, I heard that they are made by Microtech, have you heard this?
I am new to this forum and besides this I am from Germany, so please excuse my english.
I own two knives of the MoD series, the Hornet and the Razorback and have to say, that I am extremely satisfied with both of them.
The Hornet is very well constructed and finished. In that way it is superior to some of the custom made folders I own. It's quite small but I think it will do the job in case of need.
The Razorback is now my favorite daily carry knife. It is light and also very well finished. It is extremely fast to draw. If you are right handed you will draw it in the reverse grip. If you have seen the Keating video about reverse grip fighting, you will know what to do from there on. I like that the sheath rides high on the belt, so you can carry it concealed.
To summarize, I think I will buy some other MoD in the near future and can really endorse them.
I just bought my lady hawk recently,and i haven't had any problems with it. It has worked fine for me and i am sure it will for you...i prefer Hawksbill and Tanto blade shapes more than clip-points or spear points..if you were going for the tantos, i would recomend the cold steel OYABUN for a fixed blade and a GUNSITE for a folder
No, they are not made by Microtech, although they some-what resemble an MT. They are made by Jim Ray in North Carolina. My customer Pat C. could comment on these......Hey Pat, are you out there? He has 2 Autos already, and I am shipping him another black plain Trident Auto this week. He really seems to like them.

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Mike Payne
I had owned a MOD TRident auto awhile back,but unfortunetly I sold the knife.However while I had it,I must say the quality was very high and comparing it side by side with the Microtech SOCOM I had at the same time, I honestly couldn't tell the difference in quality,materials,or function.The MOD series rates a Best Buy with me.Low price at Microtech quality.Thanks,Ralph
I am pressed for time so I cant go into detail here, but I posted a review in Knife in Feb, in the knife review section. I like my new Duane Dieter.