Review Request: Mission MPU


I have the old MPU sold through Bladeforums. It's 440C steel and came with a horrible, bulky and ill conceived kydex sheath. This sheath also scratched the hell out of the blade finish. Supposedly, Edgeworks is making the new sheath. The sheath model I saw at Blade was 1000% better. Whew... now that I got that off my chest...

The MPU itself is a really stout, ergonomic knife. The 3/16" stock combined with the handle design give it a comfortable sure grip,better than say the REKAT utility. There is also a pronounced thumb ramp that helps for hard cutting. Since I use this knife for flyfishing (where I am wading in water), I appreciate the 440C. And, since the steel is "stainless." I actually started to polish of the original finish which is pretty messed up. I like this knife well enough to have a multicarry sheath (courtesy of MD'2020) made to replace the original.

I think the new MPU's are coated A2 or Titanium.


AKTI #A000356
Thanks Sing, I was wondering mostly about the finish and thumb ramp. The last thing I need is slippage. I won't lie after those Home Shopping Channel shows 440C doesn't sound appealling to me.

The 440C isn't bad. It seems as good if not better than AUS8 or GIN1 in taking and keeping an edge, from what I can tell.

Yes, AUS-8 gives performance approximately equivalent to 440B and 440C is significantly better than that. Some people prefer 440C to ATS-34; for one thing it's more stainless. As stainless steels go 440C is pretty good stuff -- definitely not aged cheese, anyway.

Cf. the Steels FAQ at this website.

-Cougar Allen :{)
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