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Review Request - MOD Trident


Nov 8, 1998
I notice that the Trident has now gone on sale mail order. Anyone have experience with this knife - thoughts, comments, etc?


They arrived yesterday and they seem the best of the MOD bunch. It's a meatier knife than the others and is made the same. The action feels more solid and smoother. I don't know what else to say about it -the construction is like the others and the Socoms, but this is larger and feels more usable.
for details like size, etc
Howard Korn
I tested the Trident for TK this last year and have been carrying the knife since Jan 98. Mine is a prototype, and so very well thoughout changes were made in the production version. It is a very strong knife! It has excellent lockup and did very well in the elements. The design by Patches was very well thoughout and meets both the utility and defensive catagories extremely well. MOD already has a great rep for quality and with its design teams, I think you will be very pleased with any of the knives in its line. I would say that the Trident is the most utilitarian of the bunch

Blue Skies
Hi Rob - good to see you 'round here!

Of the five MOD knives, the Trident is my favorite, and currently awaiting its arrival. I'll post a review of it after I've had some play time with it.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"

Thanks for the info guys, appreciated.
Looks like a great knife, now if there are any around when I get through paying for Xmas.....
Are they really all going to be 100% serrated? Seems like I heard that somewhere. I can't believe that Jim would design a knife that way. (my real beef is that I can't sharpen them worth a D-mn


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They are about 66% serrated, use the spyderco or DMT tri-stones to sharpen your serrations they work really well.

Blue Skies