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Jan 9, 2001
Does anybody have any experience with Laci Szabo UUK or mini UUK? I have read the review by Fred Perrin, but it seems a little biased to me. I am looking for people who actually used it. Personally, I have not owned or used this knife myself. But I have several problems with the design.
First, Fred Perrin claims that one can dig holes with it effectively. I fail to see how pistl grip can be used to dig holes, because for strong leverage the tool has to be aligned with forearm. I have not seen too many shovels with pistol grip.
Second,it is very hard to do fine movements with this grip, maybe that is why we do not see too many pistol grip toothbrushes and pens. A good fighting knife, I was told, should be more or less symmetrical, so that if you drop it you can pick it up quickly and continue.
Szabo claims that with his design one can deliver powerfull thrusts forward. It is true ,but not new. Push daggers have been around for a long time.
The other problem I see with carrying pistol gripped knife in the IWB mode is that it can be easily mistaken by cops for a gun and attract unwanted attention, especially here in Canada, where we do not have cocealed carry permits.
These are my thoughts. If I am wrong on some points, Please let me know. I have been thinking of bying one of these for some time, so I guess I am really looking for someone to convince me.
Nov 7, 2000
Fandorin, you might want to also check out the Spyderco Massad Ayoob. It's not quite the design of the UUK but it looks like a "pistol grip" type knife.

I don't think you can apply conventional knife design principles to the UUK when evaluating how the UUK functions--it's design seems contrary to most conventional knife design theories. It's different and was probably designed with reverse grip manipulations in mind.

Also, there is talk that Spyderco may come out with a collaboration UUK. Might be worth checking with Sal before you purchase the original UUK. Hope this helps.
Oct 16, 1998
I have a KerUUK, and it is a very functional piece.


I have to agree that I think the UUK would make a crappy shovel. I don't know how good a shovel any knife makes, but if you had to, the UUK could be grasped sideways and shoveled with - but only in the desert or the arctic where you couldn't find a stick. It is highly unlikely that the UUK would be employed as a shovel in the environment it was intended for, urban self-defense.

It is difficult to make fine motor movements with your wrist and arm. If you want to write, you grasp the instrument in your fingers, and move the fingers. The tip location on the UUK is very intuitive, probably better than on a linear knife design in my opinion. The UUK can be used in either orientation that you happen to grasp it in, as long as you grab the handle. It is double edged and cuts both ways in both grips. The KerUUK is very hard to drop, but if you did, picking it up in reverse grip or forward grip would be the least of your worries.

Yes, the UUK enables strong thrusts. No it is not new, but neither is sex, and sex is still great. So is the UUK and KerUUK.



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Oct 19, 1999
I used to own a KerUUK, I had to move it cause I needed the cash at the time.. I must say that I thought it was "special" looking (I dunno if I want to say ugly or not).. but it's subjective.. I think it looks very different.. clearly out of the norm.

at 1/4" stock I think it is really big and heavy for iwb carry and I probably prefer to carry one of the smaller Kerambits Szabo designs.

I dunno if I woudl use it to dig holes. I find that the pinky and index finger holes can be very limiting espeically to people with different sized hands so it is best to get one cusotm made for you if you ever get one.

I have seen the videos on Szabo's site.. and the disarms do work and make sense.. I have yet to research the full potential of this knife but I feel it's got a hell of a lot of power in the hacking department.. lots of leverage.

the craftsmanship is very good compared to my other black cloud stuff.

All in all I thnk it is a very specialized weapon and without talking to Szabo directly you can't apprecaite it.. I eavesdropped on szabo talking about the design oin the blade show and I think it caters to his martial arts a lot - like it is easier to block disarm and parry. Like a main gauche how it instinctively covers yoru hand... or something..

I wish one of Szabo's students can fill us in on the details.

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