Review request:Socom Elite vs. Benchmade 710HS

Jan 28, 2000
I love my Ares.I was thinking about getting a
710HS.But now,I'm not so sure...
I always hear how good the Socom Elite is,and saving up for one has crossed my mind,
so I'd like to see how it would perform against 710HS(of course,the one without QC problem).
I'd like to see edge-holding ability
tests,lock failure tests,lock durability and reliability prediction etc.
Maybe I'll get both eventually,but which one to go first?
I don't know if anybody has done a head to head test with these two knives, but many of your questions can be answered nonetheless. The LCC uses 154CM, which is known to be a good steel, and I haven't heard any complaints about MT's 154CM. The BM 710hs's M2 is generally thought to be a better steel for edge-holding ability, though it will rust more easily.

I happen to really like liner locks, though many people don't trust them. Still, MT's liner locks are just about as good as they come. But the Axis lock is hands down better. It's stronger, more reliable, completely ambidextrous, and I have never heard a verified account of an Axis lock accidentally disengaging. While liner locks and axis locks are both set up to take a certain amount of wear without failure or problems, the Axis lock is set up to take much more wear.

Other differences between the knives include handle material. I prefer BM's G-10 to MT's al handles, YMMV.

They're both good knives. I recommend you pick each up and see which one your hand likes better. There are a lot of good knives that my hands just do not like, for no good reason, e.g., REKAT Carnivore, BM 750, & MT Socom, just don't fit my hand. See which feels better to you. You may end up getting both, only you'll know which to get first. Since you already have a BM Axis you might want to get an MT, especially if you don't already have one.

If you want to know what I would get first- I carry my BM 710hs daily and am very happy with it. I have yet to purchase an MT, though an MA Vector is definitely on my list.

Either way I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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Thanx for the opinion.

I happen to be the one who trust well-made Liner locks.

But if my memory serves me right,Socom Elites
equiped with Microbar Locks.How do they compare with the Liner locks on Socom? Are they more reliable and durable than Socom's
Liner lock?
BTW,are the Kraton inserts durable enough for normal daily usage?
The microbar lock is a much sturdier lock acording to testing. If I am not mistaking this testing was independantly done at Spyderco. Correct me if wrong. What the testing indicated was that the microbar was at least 3 times stronger than MT's standard linerlock. The microbar is at least twice as thick as the standard liner thickness that MT uses, and MT uses a thicker than normal liner. This lock is powered by two or three coil springs constructed of something MT terms "rocket wire", stronger than normal coil spring wire. It looks to me like a frame lock when it engages. Lockup is solid without being so tight as to take excessive force to disengage. Blade lockup itself is also tight without any blade play in any direction.
I never had any problems with MT's regular liner locks. I do not think I will have any trouble, or any one else who uses this lock will have any trouble, with a lock that is now three times stronger!
The kraton seems to stand up very well, although I for one would like to see MT offer other inlays as options.
Hope this answers some questions. You could also do a search using microbar as the keyword. There have been other posts on this subject.

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My 0.02$

I have them both, BM 710 HSSR & MT SOCOM Elite. My personal choice for everyday carry is BM 710, for several reasons.

Quality - No doubt, in terms of quality, fit & finish MT is a winner.

Blade - Blade length on both blades is practically identical, yet SOCOM is a larger knife overall. MT has a significaltly thicker blade, that apparently contributes to overall dimiensions. Up to you to decide whether you need a blade that thick or not.
I just don't like SOCOM blade geometry that much. IMHO 710 has much better & appealing.
I prefer BM M2 over MT 154 CM as a blade material, since it can be sharpened better, yet be as tough (or tougher) than 154 CM, granted you don't care about stainlessness.
However, with 154 CM, MT does a better job then BM, IMHO. Seems like MT 154 CMs hold a better edge than BM 154 CMs. I'm comparing to Ares & Osbornes.

Thumb Studs - MT's are much better
Especially if you try to play with the knfe for 1-2 hrs, you'll feel that definitely.

Handles - SOCOM handle has better ergonomics than 710, but is quite thicker as well, thus less concvenient in the pocket.
In terms of durability G10 on 710 handles may be better but I ilke aluminum handles a lot.

Clip - MT tip down, BM tip up. I prefer the later.

Lock - Strentghwise I don't have any reliable info, donno if anyone compared axis vs. lock bar. The only figure I have is 200 lb for axis. Other than that, both locks seem to be very solid. I do haev to say that MT lock bar is easyer to operate than a conventional ilner lock though.
However, no questions, Axis lock is a definite winner in terms of ease of operating, I guess you alredy know all that stuff, no need to keep your fingers, blah blah blah. Simple, but effective

Have Fun,