Review request: Socom elite


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Dec 25, 1998
I know that some of you have them so sound off!

Dennis Bible
I have had one for a day. My initial impressions are very positive. It's the sharpest out-of-the-box knife I have purchased. The lockup is rock solid and the workmanship overall seems absolutely first rate.
That's about all I can say after only a day.
BTW, I have a manual with the stonewashed finish and partially serrated.
I have had my M/A Elite for about a month and have been very pleased. I usally don't like to carry such a large knife, but this one is very light and rides nice and low in the pocket of my jeans making it a joy to carry. The action is super smooth and the microbar lock seems to be very strong. I haven't tried a spine wack test, but the locking bar is very thick and fully engages the blade so I don't imagine it would fail easily. As far as the blade itself, man does it cut. I have the current production grind that reminds me a lot of my Sebenza (not as much belly though). Edge holding of the 154 cm blade seems to be pretty good. Not quite the BG 42 of my Sebie but the SE did not cost nearly as much either. IMHO, the Elite is a great daily carry knife if you can get away with a knife that has a 4" blade.

Glad this post came back up. The more I carry the Elite the more I like it. It is large, but I have no problem with that. The only complaint I have is that I really like what is referred to as the pre-pro blade grind and the anopeen finish, both of which you can no longer get. Thats the only problem I have with Microtech. I do like the beefy size, and still fairly light weight. More later. For now I just want my LCC DA!!!

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I have an Elite MA with the anopeen finish--I love it. It's sharper out of box than almost anything else I own, the beefy handle is great, it's smooth as silk, and the microbar lockup is flawless. This is an amazing knife and I highly recommend it.

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I have the Elite w/ serrations, preproduction grind and anopeen finish (s/n 633). It's a shame the anopeen finish is discontinued, it looks great! It's the usual Microtech (perfect fit, perfect finish, ect..) Most notable is the Microbar lock (passed the whack test here) and the clip placement. Clipped in my pocket only .4" of the knife is exposed. All the lines and grind come to one VERY formidable point with all the beefy reinforcement to back it up. Another note worth mentioning is that if you place your finger on the pivot of the blade you can balance it. The blade and handle are approximately the same weight.
I have the plain edge automatic version and I have been quite happy with it. I would agree withthe comments here: nice point, sharp edge, solid feel. Add to that an extremly powerful opening kick
when you press that button you know it!

All in all: an excellent knife.
I purchased one a couple of weeks ago at a gun show and I'm very impressed! It's the easiest carry for a big knife I've ever owned. The lockup is solid, blade shape and edge are excellent, and it is very pleasing to look at. It opens smoothly and the thumb stud makes it as easy to open as my Spyderco Military with the hole.
Originally posted by shootist16:
I know that some of you have them so sound off!
I've posted my opinion(s) <A HREF="">here</A>

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What's the anopeen finish??? Is it a new kina coating?? Anyone got a picture of it?? what color is it?? Thanks.
Originally posted by SharpEdge:
What's the anopeen finish??? Is it a new kina coating?? Anyone got a picture of it?? what color is it?? Thanks.

They arent doing anopeen anymore. It is basically bead blast over stonewash. They made a few SOCOM Elites with this finish before they quit doing it.

Dennis Bible
I would be interested in a "head to head" test...but against what?

I always hear how good the SOCOM is, and saving up for one has crossed my mind, so I'd like to see how it would perform against a well-made mainstream production knife like one of the BM Axis knives. SOCOM vs. Benchmade Osborne would be a fair test. Both are 154CM blades, and both have 6061 aluminum handles.

I'd like to see blade breakage tests, lock failure tests etc.

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I had heard that the blades on these are fairly thick? Is it meant for a stabbing move?
The LCC I have has a nice flat grind almost to the back, high enough that it slices easy and doesn't wedge up...


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I recently purchased a Socomm Elite after hearing plenty of good things about Microtech knives. I wasn't pleased with my last two benchmades so decided to spend a little more money on a new company. To say that I am impressed would be a huge understatement. The Socomm Elite is a beautiful knife. The attention to detail is amazing, I find it tempting to leave it in the display case but I remember that I bought this knife to use. The action is soooooo smooth, the thumbstuds comfortable and attractive, and the 154CM edge stays hair shaving sharp at least three times as long as my AFCK's ATS-34. It is my daily carry.

Since then, i've purchased a Mini-Socom and have a LCC Dual Action on pre-order.

TornAdo, that's why you buy two

I have one that I bought just because I liked the first so much and One Stop Knife Shop had a sale on them. Both are serial numbered, plain edge, and have an anopeen finish.

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Heheh that's right!!!! I think my next elite will be stonewash.... maybe even automatic!

To me their is no comparsin between benchmade and microtech.Who wants to buy a benchmade than have to sharpen it?