Review Request: Spyderco Calypso Jr. Lightweight

If you do searches of this forum and the Spyderco forum, you'll find all the information you're looking for.

Meanwhile, the short review: flat ground VG10 blade that's wicked sharp out of the box; solid lock-up; good ergonomics. Looks pretty too.

In other words, buy one -- you won't regret it.


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I've had one for a while.
3 7/8 inch closed, 6 3/4 inch open, 2 7/8 blade of AUS-8.
Blade is flat ground and shiny finished. Cuts very well. Keeps cutting even when it's not so sharp, due to full flat grind. Locks in the back. Lock is secure (I have not done the tap test) but gets gritty quickly due to very tight tolerances. Opening hole is large enough for comfortable use, but a bigger hole would work better with gloves. Blade has very little belly. I've used it hiking to sharpen sticks, cut rope, cut cloth, etc. and it has worked fine. Mine has a plain edge.
Handle is made of Micarta and is comfortable in the hand. Only complaint is that there is nothing to stop you from sliding your hand forward onto the blade and cutting yourself. The lanyard hole comes in handy when around water or climbing. The clip is metal and is mounted high, helping the closed knife ride low in the pocket.
Overall, great knife. One concern I have is with micarta's strength. I would like to see a G10 handled version.

Thrawn was referring to the lightweight version of the Calypso Jr. So the blade is VG10 and the handle is zytel.

I bought one to give away as a gift, and in the short time I had it I was very impressed. The edge came very sharp, and I loved the flat grind. If anyone is looking to buy a Delica, I suggest you take a good hard look at this knife first. It has better steel, is flat ground, and I like the clip better than my Delica's clip. Well worth the extra money.

Okay, so now the question is: Overall utility value, who wins? The Native or the Calypso Jr. Lite? Opinions please. I don't mind paying $20 more if it's a better knife. Plain edge opinions, sorry. I don't dig serrations.
I can`t speak firsthand for the Native but I`ve been using my Jr.LW everyday since I got it a month or so ago and I just love it! The flat grind and thin edge make for awesome cutting ability,especially for a small knife. After weeks of cutting cardboard,plastic and reinforced rubber hose I just touched up the edge because it wouldn`t shave anymore. It took about 20 secs. with a ceramic rod. Funny thing is until I tried to shave hair with it I wouldn`t have guessed it had lost any edge at all because it still cut really well. It`s a good solid little knife for the money. I wouldn`t recomend it if you intend to do any light prying etc. though because the tip is pretty fine. Marcus
I recently got one from MJS and I like it better than my old Delica (much more than my BM Ascent). Like most Spyderco knives, it came extremely sharp. So far I haven't done too much with it except cut up a bunch of paper and card-board, but it is still razor sharp after a few days of constant use. One thing that was an unexpected surprise to me was the handle and the overall balance. Zytel? normally feels very "cheap" to me, and the knives I have that use the material seem unbalanced. It was not the case with the calypso Jr. lite. I found the knife remarkably well balanced, and the zytel? handle did not have the "cheap" feeling at all. Maybe the scaling pattern on the handle had something to do with it, I don't know. Also, the VG-10 steel (popularized by spyderco and fallkniven) has definitely become my favorite stainless steel, possibly my favorite of all steels. Overall, this is a great little knife which is now my daily carry.
The Calypso Jr. LW it is! Thanks so much for the thoughts, folks! Hmmm....$54 on Chai Cutlery (I like good customer service), and how much for a Sharpmaker? Now I gotta find ~$120 somewhere...
I agree with Felix. VG10 is my favorite Stainless Steel.
Right up there with CPM440V, IMHO.
I enjoy the daylights out of using knives with those two steels.

And now a mini-review:
The Calypso Lt.wt. Jr. is one helluva fine little using knife. Other than having Zytel for handle material, I can find nothing to fault this knife with. And even the Zytel handle is done right with the fishscale patterning and thickness of the Zytel used.
The metal clip screw inserts are a very thoughtful touch that allow this knife to be changed from right to left hand carry as often as the user wishes without fear of trashing the threads.
The handle is quite comfortable and secure in the grip during use. The knife was designed in such a way as to allow the user to choke up on the blade some for delicate cutting chores.
There is a little recess on the lock bar that helps prevent accidentally unlocking the folder when gripped tightly. A nice addition.
And finally, the black clip with the gold Spyder logo gives this way
folder class act appeal. For a Zytel folder, this Calypso Jr. ROCKS!

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