Review Request: Spyderco Navigator

Oct 3, 1998
Hi all,

Took me a while to find you...but got here at last!

Well I hope that you can help and maybe give me any information on the Navigator.


Looking forward to hearing all your opinions.

The CX01 and CX02 Experimentals were recently named Pegasus and Navigator respectively.
I have two Pegasus models: one plain, one serrated. One of these is carried everyday, however, I prefer the plain blade (so do airlines).
They are among the most comfortable "little knives" out there. The amount of force you can easily exert on the blade is superior to anything it's size. They are tough little dudes and very ergonomic.
I think you'll like it.

Do you find that your plain edge Pegasus is much more useful to you on a day to day basis compared to the serrated model? I 'm always caught in the old "serrated or plain edge" dilemma. But I think that I'll try the serrated edged Navigator just to see how the Spyderedge performs.

Without handling the either model, I think that both the Navigator and Pegasus would be ideal for daily carry. I like their compact size and I imagine that you hardly notice that they are clipped into your pants pockets.

Hey, do airlines let you travel with knives? And is this just within the USA or worldwide?
This is interesting news.


Hi Ken,
I like plain edge knives best. The most common daily chores are opening mail, packages, cutting fruit (I like peaches), string or whatever. The plain edge is superior at all my usual chores. Come to think of it, the only event that the serrations were best was cutting (sawing) a pencil in two. That is far from a usual chore. The serrated blade is 100%, so the only plain edge is about 1/4" of the blade tip. Thats not much to slice envelopes, and serrations really screw up fruit.
I'd go with the plain edge for these reasons. Now, on airlines, I've carried the plain edge on several occasions within the states and have had no problems.
I've only read posts of others who have said airlines do not favor serrations.
It's never been an issue with me because if only ONE knife was going, it would be the plain edge anyway.
Airlines also have a blade length maximum. However, I don't know exactly what it is.
I would say plain = utility and serrated = exotic.
Also, I'm uncertain about the thickness of the G-10 scaled Navigator as it compares to the stainless sided Pegasis. The Navigator possibly is thicker.
The Pegasis is a bit more than 1/8" thick with the clip removed. It is really hard to tell its in your pocket in its sleek "non-clipit" format.
Let me know what you do.
Later, Bill

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My mind was SO made up on getting the Navigator w/ a serrated edge. Now you've done it.....all confused again!

I think that it may be easier to just flip a coin!!

Well I am going to treat myself to the Spyderco Wegner Junior. I've heard lots of people, including yourself, singing its praises. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on it. And as I'm getting that in a plain edge then I thought that I'd try a serrated edged knife.

But let me ask you Bill, how often do you carry your serrated Pegasus around? If you had to carry just one knife on you, which would it be? Plain or serrated? I guess that it would depend what environment that you would be a camping trip would dish up a whole different set of criteria for you to make that choice compared to an ordinary work day.

I'd like to get hold of a slightly smaller clipit. A 2" blade that the Pegasus and the Navigator sports, suits me just fine. One more question I have to ask you is whether the handles on the Pegasus are easily scratched and marked? It's one thing that has kinda put me off getting a metal handled knife.


Ken, The "do airlines let you carry knives?" question depends very much on where you start your journey.

I recently lost my Spyderco Dragonfly in Gatwick airport in the UK. I qoute "that looks very nasty"

nice little plain blade with carbon fibre handles I thought it would a breeze through customs as I have carried bigger and more serrated blades from UK airports before. WRONG

Never mind I just got my replacement last week, a BM handles plain edged Calypso Jnr. Trouble is I conned my parents into buying it for my birthday (ens of the month) and my wife has hidden it away until then. Does anyone think this is resonable ground for divorce??

Hi Ken,
I'm carrying the plain edge today.
The last time I carried the serrated edge was on a recent 4-day motorcycle trip. The only time I used it was to cut some parachute cord to re-tie luggage. The serrations did a job on fraying the cord, and I wish I had chosen a plain edge for the task.
On an average day, I find all kinds of occasions suited to plain edge and few suited for serrations.
The stainless does get scratched. This can be remedied by buffing the scales with a wire brush on a drill. Keep all your passes on the scales in the same direction and tape the blade. The finish has more of a "brushed" effect, but it holds its looks far longer than the origional finish.
You can also do wonders with stainless steel wool (double aught ot triple aught).
You're going to love that Wegner !
I have two Juniors that are identical. Both have plain edge blades.
One exists simply to replace the other when it finally wears out.
Whatever you get, please share your thoughts. We are interested.
Later, Bill

As soon as I get hold of the Wegner Jr.....I'll post up my findings of it. I can't wait.



Please do post your review of your Wegner. I'm the Bill who hates clips.
You ought to at least try yours without it. I think you'll like it.
You can get a ballistic nylon belt sheath (4") from Discount Knives for a few dollars
if its uncomfortable in your pocket.
I actually have two Wegner Jr.'s. The first one I received had a s/n (#528) on the blade so I bought another to set it aside in the event that it gains collector value.
I purchased the Wegner sight-unseen and on the recomendation of my buddy Blues.
He produced a winner with me.
BTW, if you decide to remove the clip, heat the scale up a bit with a hair dryer first.

I've not handled the Wegner before but I hope that the clip doesn't impede hard cutting tasks. But I shall see in a weeks time or so. I've already sent my check to Frank from Little River Trading Company....he gave me an excellent price! Thanks Frank. So it should be with me shortly.

BTW, have you razor polished the edges of any of your utility knives? (I'm in the process of reading up on what is involved, through reading various posts on this and other forums).


After cutting myself recently, I'm just not into sharpening. Believe me, my blades are sharp enough.
If you don't like the way the clip feels, send it to a drawer. No special tools are required (torx, spline, hex) as simple phillips head screws are used.
Taking off that clip was the best thing I ever did for my Wegner.
On Wegner #2 the clip holes were filled with black silicone windshield sealant. You literally can't find them.
#1 has tiny s/s cup set screws as fillers.
BTW, both Wegners were delivered very sharp !
Later, Bill

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