Review Request: Timberline Police Model Folder

I was just given by one of my brothers a Timberlite Timberline Police model folder with a titanium coated blade. This NeelyLock(tm) is kind of strange. It took me a minute to figure out how to close the darn thing. What's the consensus on this knife? Is my brother making fun of me?

I like the Neely lock folders from Timberline. They don't all open and release easily, but all in all it is a nice, simple system. The police model you got is very cool looking. It is an unusual choice, but a good one. Gatco owns the Timberline selection now and, if there is ever any p[roblem, they are a great bunch of people and will make right any problem. (call them at 1800 LIVSHARP)

Howard Korn
I have the 1/2 serrated spear point model and I stupidly disassembled it. The small stud in the center hold the blade and pushes down on the spring.

Anyhow, it was my tac folder because the closest store didn't have spyderco.It's an okay knife and the blade is actually heavier than the handle.The stud on mine is loose but it still works.
There is only one way to open them and it is virtually impossible to open with the left hand only. The INS Agent I showed it too, said the stud is too flush with the handle.

The serrations are great and I've only started sharpening it this year. I've had it for 4 years now.I paid way too much,$60, but I don't regret it.I think of it like a police issue .38 revolver, kinda stiff. But if you like silence and safer, easier lock than a liner or standard lock blade, this is goo.

I thought about the police model but I'd rather get the Police Spyderco