Review SAK Signature II Lite?

Oct 4, 1998
I`m thinking of getting one of these as a gift for my non knife nut brother in law. I can`t stand the idea of a young man running around without any kind of pocket knife at all.
This model has the translucent scales ,typical small blade,scissors,etc. but adds a retractable pen and red LED flashlight. I`m wondering if anyone has one or another SAK with the LED light or pen. How well do they work? Are they actually dependable and usefull features or more of a gimick? Also I see it`s slightly longer than the ol Classic, is it also much thicker due to the flashlight? Would it be too big for a non knife nut to carry on a keychain? Thanks, Marcus
Look at the Photon Micro-Light webpage. They mention which one has their LED. I believe it is the Wenger Esquire opposed to the Victornox. I recall that it is now available with the new white bulb. I think that would be more impressive. I believe the site is . I note that the Esquire is a good knife, especially for attorneys
but the scissors have small serrations which might turn one off, especially for smooth fingernails....but it has a file
I don't generally use them for that so I do not recall the exact effect. If that is a deciding point, and you do not have one available to check, drop me an email. My profile should have it.

I cannot comment on the other factors such as thickness...until I can justify such a purchase.
If you really cannot decide, buy the one of your choice and hook a Photon to it. Actually, that is what my wife did to hers.

Of course, then you have a choice, do you leave it so he can remove it, so he can carry the Photon into court houses, Chunnels(saw a post on that), and such, or do you epoxy the key ring so he has to carry both if he wants the light?

Is he handy with tools and such? If not you can compromise. Hook them together with a Twisty and before you close it slide a section of shrink tubing over it. Then position it over the closure and carefully shrink it for a neat appearance and to avoid damaging the coating on the Twisty. By the time he figures out he has been had, he'll be used to carrying both. You may have to seal the other rings.

If you do not know what a twisty is, see the picture here:

The reason for the picture is in my post on ferrocerium rods in the Survival forum.
I`m a big Photons fan myself. I have a couple of em. I was thinking of a Photon as a gift but I figured this SAK would cover more bases. BTW in this model the LED light is integral with the knife,although I have seen the combo SAK/Photon sets you refered to. I`m guessing the SAK light won`t be as bright as a Photon and that the pen will be so so but I`m hoping I`ll be proven wrong.
I ordered one to wear around my neck on a chain.

Is the thing waterproof?

I hear the pen works, but it's a bit flimsy. I've seen a Classic with a pen, and that seemed to work ok. I think the Sig has a retractable pen though.