Reviews of my knife collection

Aug 16, 2000
Ok here goes

1)BM stryker- one of the best all arounders, relatively lightweight/handy, love the modified tanto, excellent design and hearty lockup. Tie for #1 with 3)

2)BM mini stryker- same as above but i think a little more legal in some respects, closer to the 2.5' limit in downtown chicago.

3)BM april 2000 knife of the year: same as the elishewitz design that has a spear point, axis lock. I can't really comment on the strength of the axis lock, as I havent had any way to test it. However, it seems strong and one feature that i like is how the lock gives the blade some spring into the closed position, i.e. the blade is VERY unlikely to open in your pocket, unlike 4)

4)Emerson Commander- blade is awesome, and this is without a doubt the fastest knife to get into action even faster that an auto with the wave feature. Drawbacks are that the heavier blade tends to open on it's own, so there's no safe way to carry the knife except clipped to the pocket, as i learned the hard way losing a cup of blood over about an hour after i had shoved it into my pocket and then went to retrieve the keys. By the way the thumb disc is very low quality compared to benchmade's, mine was loose at first.

5)SERE- alot of readers will be disappointed to hear that this knife is one of my major disappointments. The thumb stud had a pin like projection that sheared thumb skin when used (ok i sanded it down) and this knife is i think heavier than it needs to be relative to it's blade size. Also, it is difficult to pull from the pocket in the clipped position, and occasionaly the thumb stud catches on the pocket with an unexpected opening. Overall the craftsmanship is not on par with the benchmades. If i'm missing some special mission this knife has (like stabbing bears) please let me know so i feel better.

6)Kershaw Boa- fun to play with but some poor craftsmanship on the blade ( a few nicks) and the speed safe isn't too speedy since you need to keep the saftey on in order to carry it safetly. Decent size, blade design, one thing i especially like is how the speed safe's back end becomes a nice finger protector when the knife's open. The spring in the speedsafe could be a little stronger, if you open it with the knife pointed up it won't go all the way. Certainly worth the novelty of it.

7)Beretta Avenger- amazingly light, and an amazingly wicked blade design. I guess this is also one of my favorite knives, though i never really found the steel/carbon knives too heavy.

8)BM 42- got right back into the saddle after my first butterfly was confiscated in highschool. Somewhat antiquated by the tactical folder, is still fun and addictive to swing. Workmanship seems excellent though i have little to compare, I especially like how the latch can't touch the blade.

9)Cold Steel Recon Tanto: big mean knife.

10)crkt kiss : tried to use this as a money clip but reached in to find it open one too many times.

11)spyderco delica: ok if you cant afford any of the above.

The only one I can't comment on is the Beretta...but as for the others, I have...uhmm...ALL OF THEM!

The one thing that I loved was the Jr and Sr Strykers...what a pair! I love them both, but the M2 of the Big Guy is far better than the ATS34 of the JR.

CRKT...too dinky for me, currently in my BRIEF CASE!!!

SERE is a tank...had one, gave it as a gift to another knife nut...I have my REKAT Pioneer II that holds my TANK position, and does so well.

I love ALL my thirty or so COLD STEEL products, but my fac. second Recon Tanto ($30) was my first large fixed blade EVER! I have used and abused that knife for years now! What a knife! Tough as nails, and even SHARPER then the day I took it out of the box!

You stuff sounds good to me...try saving some loot and buying a few customs...I LOVE GRECO'S knives! Heavy, tough, and SHARP!!!

Steve in NYC

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