Reviews/Opinions of EDI Genesis, Wm. Henry


Oct 29, 1998
Thinking of ordering a Genesis. Those of you who own these or have first hand knowledge tell me what you think.

Also, I'm interested to know if anyone knows anything about the new William Henry folders. Not sure if they are out yet. There is an ad for them on page 77 of the December issue of Blade. I'm interested in model T10CF. The paragraph on page 75 says they were reportedly avail Nov.1st.

Can anyone help with either of these knives?

Thanks in advance,
AKY - I too have been considering a Genesis, & if you go back 10-20 days in the review or general forums you will find bushels of very positive postings about this knife - with only a few exceptions it draws raves! BUT - I was just about to purchase one when I started hearing info on the new Benchmade AXIS; you may want to peruse this forum for information on that knife as well, it should be available in a month or so and sounds like folding fighter of terrific quality and strength. I'm waiting on a purchase until I can actually handle a specimen of each.
I dont know about the AXIS, but I have been very impressed with EDI's customer service.
They make a great knife, and go way beyond any other manifactuer I have seen.


Mouse Assassins inc.

The William Henry knives are very nice pieces. The lancet that I have is one of the best constructed small knives around. The fit and finish is 100%, and it has a smooth, clean feel that ranks it above the average tactical out today, even for 50% more.

The persian and lancet models are *small*, though (even for their blade size), I'm looking forward to handling the spearpoint. I read on J. Mattis's site they are now out with micarta and a pocket clip!

Very nice work.

I own a genesis and I am very pleased. The inovative low carry clip and well thought out lock are bonuses. It the genesis price range it is tops!
Thanks for the response everyone! I'm 90% decided on buying the Genesis. I did some checking on old posts and the reviews are good.

Chefget - Are the Henry's you refer to the same as in the ad in Blade? Where do I get more info/perhap buy one of these?

Thanks again

James Mattis has pictures and details of the William Henry knives on his <a href="">Chai Cutlery</a> page. You can also see them at <a href="">Northwest Cutlery</a>. I'm with Michael, I really like the look of the Spearpoint. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the links, Clay! Henry knives are very nice. I went ahead and ordered the Genesis and a SOG Crosscut (my SAK is wearing out) from Skylands today.

Thanks for all who responded.