Reviw request for: Jeff Randall's "Laser Strike"

Oct 6, 1998
Hi eveyone,

I would like to hear from somebody who bought/handled Jeff Randall's 'Laser Strike' fixed bladed knife how it handles behaves etc.

Is it worth it's money etc.

I'm planning buying one for carying at Scouting and outdoor activities but before spending $180 without being able to hold and test the knife I would klike to read some hands on words about it.

Merry Christmas to you all,



I am also interested in this knife. I am surprised no one has replied to this.



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It's most likely because no production pieces have been released yet. We are working with the manufacturer to get this process rolling. We have released one knife to an outdoor writer so that review will happen sometime in the future. Several other knives are sold but not delivered yet. Initially, these are going to be run in limited batches and probably have some waiting time attached to ordering one (not the manufacturers fault but mine since I don't have a lot of money to put into making a bunch of knives and sitting on the product until it's sold)


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Hi Jeff,

That answers my question to some degree.

I'll have to sit and wait until the article gets published, then I'll need to get my hands on it, which magazine will publish it?

Jeff it's a pitty that # 13 was already spoken for

By the way please correct the "expected delivery date" on the Laser Strike page as it says Jan/Feb 2000 ! I suppose you mean 2001.

Happy New Year,