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Reworking kydex

Feb 27, 2000
I recently bought a new knife that came in a kydex sheath. The sheath holds the knife too tightly. It takes an incrediblly strong pull to remove it, and if it's hanging around my neck I feel I might strangle myself. So, I need to loosen it up but I have no idea how.
Tahnks for any suggestions.
Hi Davy....

First you have to identify were it's too tight ???

Is it in the blade area or around the mouth???

It can easily be messed up,,so be careful how you work it...

You can use a hairdryer to warm the kydex...
If you aren't getting enough heat out of it.. Cup and feather the air intake slightly..
This will make the hairdryer work a little hotter...

Need any more help..Feel free to e-mail me..
ttyle Eric....

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A repeated phrase in most "can I re-work a sheath" type posts is Normarks warning of
"It can easily be messed up".

If it is a NEW knife, and it is not right, then take it back, send it back, or negotiate a re-work by the manufacturer. You see, if you try to re-work it and mess it up than you now have a knife with no sheath. A little wait for a new knife and sheath is better than a knife and a black plastic pancake.
It is always best to practice your kydex work on your own projects or things you do not intend to carry.
(My opinion)