Rex 45 Para 3; soft detent

Aug 4, 2008
Rex 45 Para 3 owners:
Is your detent just a hair “softer” than your other Para 3s? I got a Rex 45 Para 3 today and the detent is softer than any of my others. Does it have anything to do with the steel used, perhaps something related to the detent ball?
Thx for the help, guys.
That's the $64,000 question, lol! I've been trying to figure out why the action is seemingly different on all of my PM2's and Para 3's for a while now.

Fwiw, my Rex 45 Para 3 detent doesn't seem noticeably different than my black s30v Para 3, but I did notice it had a bit of lock stick right out of the box and I suspect it is to do with them changing the geometry of blade tang lock face from flat to stepped (where the compression lock rests on the tang) Apparently they made this change as some sort of extra fail safe against lock failure. I had the same problem with my digi camo Para 3 with the stepped tang.

Tbh, there's a lot of moving parts and it could be a few different things. Lock bar tension, pivot screw too loose, oil or some debris inside the detent hole on the blade, etc.

I'd take it apart, clean it really good and re-assemble it. I've found sometimes thats all it takes to get a knife's action working smooth again.
I have 11 Para 3 and all are different.
Different detent, flipping, closing.

They will smooth out over time.

Overall Rex was a bit stiff from start.
Sprint S90V was perfect.