RFI: Christe Knife

Oct 13, 1998
I have come into possesion of A Christe brand knife. It has a single, very thin blade which comes out of the front of the knife. The knife is opened/closed/locked by a button on a mechanism at the bottom of the blade. There is a small pin which fits into holes on the inside of the track in which the blade slides.

The handle is a single oval, gold-filled with a light engraved filagree pattern. Any info would be welcome. The only thing like this that I have ever seen was in an old Atlanta Cutlery catalogue, listed as a customs agent knife, with stainless steel handles and 440A blade, $19.99.

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I remember plain versions of a knife like that from the late 1950s. They were sold by a newsagent near where I worked in Brisbane, Australia. Not a quality item. I am not sure but I gained the impression that blade and frame might have been chrome plated.

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In one of my old "Knives" books they have an article about the Christy knife. I'll check them and let ya know what year.
I had one of those several years ago. They used to be sold by variety stores, hardware stores etc. They came displayed on a cardboard sheet with a key chain. You would just pull it off and pay the clerk. As I recall they retailed for about $1.99. The one you have sounds like a special edition. I seem to vaguely recall that several years ago Christie made a special run commemorating so many years in business. I'm not positive about that. If that is true that may be what you have.

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I have a Christy knife that I picked up at a gun show, it came in a plastic hinged lid box with an instruction sheet and a spare blade. I believe they introduced this knife in 1936 although the company dates to 1890. They went out of business in 1971, but were restarted in 1974 by a releative of the original Christy.
I had one when I was a kid and I thought it was a great design because you could lock the blade in different positions, so you had short blades and longer blades all in one, and it was my first lock-blade knife and my first one-hand opener -- but the lock broke. It's fragile.

Maybe somebody could make a stronger out-the-front manual that could lock in different positions. Are any manufacturers reading this thread? How about custom makers?

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