Rick Browne


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Mar 28, 2001
Last week I won an auction on eBay for a Rick Browne folder. I had always heard his work was very good and was literally amazed that I got this one for as good of a price as I did.

Immediately I wondered if I was missing something others were seeing because I could not believe it didn't go for more.

Well it arrived today and I'm here to tell you, this guy makes one heck of a knife! I know I paid a lot less than it is worth, but I have knives that cost me three to four times as much that are not quite as nice as this one.

The butt end of the knife along the spine is so well finished you cannot see where the seams are, it looks like one solid piece of steel. Bolsters are milled integral to the frame and dovetailed. Absolutely no gaps in the fit and no mistakes that I can find. Flawless polish job inside and out.

It's been in my pocket since I opened the package and I'm looking forward to putting it to some use.

Let's see more pictures of his work if you got'em.

(I have not had time to take some of my own, these were borrowed...)


getting such a nice knife for $155 is a great deal

i wish i had seen it .... i have been looking for a rick browne knife for a while....tom mayo recommended his knives to me a few years back...i have missed a few great deals on them

Fantastic knife. even better price. just unbelievable. Rick Browne makes a great knife. I have Rick Browne in one of my favorite searches. It didn't come up for me, or it would have at least cost you more. :p Sometimes sellers do strange things, or make mistakes with the wording of their listings, and they are the ones who end up losing out. Congrats on a great find.
Yeah, don't know what happened on this one but everyone was asleep on the job. The description was good, and as you can see so were the pictures...

Been a good month for bargains!

Here's a couple of more shots of the Browne along with some of a unique Easler I picked up for a song.

The Easler is jigged ironwood with stippled frame and bolsters, very unique.