Rick Hinderer Knives Picture Thread

I joined IG, it seems like there's a lot more action over there than the forums most times. I deactivated my FB several years back, so I can't help you there. Although I do hear there's a lot of cool stuff offered there...

And a pic bc it is the pic thread afterall...

K, That's a damn nice set ^^!

Social media is impacting most everything, and not always in a positive way. I'm young enough to play along but too stubborn to share / play and was a bit hesitant to even begin forum conversations.

Anyway, pic thread...

Custom Bowie.......All Titanium hardware...custom made pivot , scale screws , clip screws and filler tab screws...with RHK bronze stand-offs and LBS

Frame-Lock side is bead blast anodized Bronze...so it looks matte brown...lol- get pic up soon



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The XM in my photo is pointing "up" for a reason...I like everything in Rob's photo posted above this one...

OK, after a brief hiatus, I'm back in the fold with my first 3.5", first non-black G10, first non-spanto and first battle finish: