Rick Kilpatrick Knives

Feb 15, 1999
The one on the left is o1 with a mustard finish and the handle is
'Siska mystery wood', some stabalized red stuff that came out of his give
away box.
The middle one is 1084 with an interesting hamon, handle is dyed
birdsye maple
The last one is Indian George damascus with walnut handle
The pic's suck, cheap camera. I'll try to send another pic after this.

I wouldn't call these my crowning achievment for the year, a few came out quite a bit better than these. These are still hanging around with no home yet, so they were available to take a picture of. The one in the middle and right have been used a bit, hence the scratches. Thanks George for posting them for me:D .


Moderators, feel free to move this over to the crowning achievment of 2006 thread if you like, it is probably where it should be.
looks like a few finishes I have going on right now. I love the used broken in look:thumbup: