Ricky Fowler Review

May 24, 2000
Received my Fowler today:
#104 2 3/4" O1 tool steel black oxide finish
giraffe bone handles, micarte pins, nickel silver lanyard hole liner.
The knife is beautiful, very nicely finished and expertly ground. An excellent edge from Ricky.
Preformed a few tests, rope cutting, paper cutting and I prepared my supper with it, cutting an onion, suasage and cheese.
Even with these limited tests I think the steel will be excellent in edge holding.
This is a small knife intended for every day carry.
The sheath is very nicely done, pouch type, heavy grain leather.
The black oxide coating is a little "sticky" when cutting paper but I believe this will wear nicely.
I will post again after some quality time with it.
I had the opportunity to make a sheath for one of Ricky Fowler's fat, flat, drop point tantos and I was really impressed with the workmanship. I always thought his stuff seemed a little overpriced for what materials he was using, but one look at the knife told me I was dead wrong. The fit of the scales was absolutely flawless, and the handles were shaped perfectly. The grinds were dead-on on both sides, and to be quite honest I was tempted to write the owner and tell him if he wanted it back he'd have to come and get it!

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I agree. I've got four of his knives (two machetes, an "Indian Belt Knife", and a little utility knife), and every one has been extremely "clean" and well-fitted.

Ricky has been very easy to work with..., very quick response, will customize however you like, and I usually have my knife (from time of order to time of receipt) with in a week. Can't ask for much more!