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Ricochet question to Kershaw/ Onion owners?

Mar 21, 2000
I just purchased a Kershaw Ricochet, the adjustment screw has no effect on the blade tension, it
just spins around and does nothing to the blade. After about 40 openings the blade has a little play because the liner lock does not engage far enough toward the stationary liner on the other side of the handle--is this knife a "lemon," and should I send it back to Kershaw explaining these problems.

Thanks to those that reply.
Why don't you send them an email first? As far the liner-lock, yeah, I think they should fix it. It probably was ground too short.

EdRozen-the professional alter-ego specialist

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Yuck, don't say such things because I just ordered one from gpknives.com yesterday. I'll let you know if I have any similar problems.
After I read your post I tried to adjust the blade tension on my Ricochet and think I discovered your problem source. Please note the hole in the clip upper end, between three clip screws. You can see the torx header in this hole. Hold it with another driver and then try to adjust blade tension. Both screws have the same torx heaader # 6. I used my Benchmade Pocket Torx set.
If adjustment will not take effect (but I'm sure it will) - call KERSHAW Customer Service for help.
BTW, on my Ricochet locking liner travels also only the way equal to liner thickness but it locks blade flawlessly. I tested my knife for spine hacking and it passed this test.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland
Send it back. You should not have to modify your new knife to get it to work properly. It could be a small taste of things to come. There have been quite a few problems with the speed safe knives. but let me tell you, when you get a good one, it is AWESOME!!! I highly recommend these knives. Send it back, get a flawless one and hold on to your pockets 'cause yer goin fer a ride!!


Louis Buccellato
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I have a ricochet, and it's quality all the way. Opens like a charm - no blade play at all - and pretty to boot. Excellent knife - and a good deal too.

I know through experience that Kershaw is dedicated to customer service. You will have no problem getting satisfaction.

Good luck.

Originally posted by hy:

I know through experience that Kershaw is dedicated to customer service. You will have no problem getting satisfaction.

Good luck.

Send it back, and I know through experience you might have to send it back again. I like (very much) the one I now have, but it wasnt easy or fast satisfaction. Don't e-mail, call!