Riddle me this

Fair enough, I was happy spelling things correctly at this point in my day. Mostly happy to just have something light hearted to work with.
Click clack I move along on a
I mean you're not wrong, but.... try to stay on _____
That was an easy, friendly one to warm up. But I sense it was too easy for you, if you pass, I will give the answer and propose another one. I have a slightly more aggressive one coming, as a matter of fact.
Task Target or point?

I'm doing my best but all I think of with the click clack is the old couch commercial and if you're on the old click clack couch you're definitely not moving p
My bad, I didn't know there was an old couch commercial.... My formulation here was somewhat loosely based around the "splish splash I was taking a bath" song I heard a time or two when I was a child, and for some reason that line keeps popping back into my head from time to time. Don't even remember what the song was about.🤣
Rumble tumble, turn to rubble, I'm neither proud nor am I humble, but stronger far am I than thee, I'd crush you, be no trouble.
Told you it was aggressive. No I'm not calling you on for a fight. Mechanic grip would break my bones easy. Turning wrenches all day is no joke. But the thing of this riddle would beat either of us to a pulp.
Anyone can guess. Also, anyone can propose a (sub forum appropriate) riddle. Best ones are the ones you come up with yourself. Then nobody can google the answer (until they introduce Google-Brainscan😨).
I think so. I was thinking of its brother Rockslide, but yeah they can be hard to tell apart.
Not really a riddle but a good dad joke.

What's the best time of day?

6:30 hands down.

Just heard this one:

Did you know if dinosaurs and humans were to race humans would win?

this is because dinosaurs are dead. 😂
I cheated.
But... I don't get it...
Why do people say hands down the best?

The origin of this colloquialism seems to have its roots in mid-19th century horseracing. When a horse jockey is nearing the finish line far ahead of the competition, "with victory certain", he could drop his hands, relaxing his hold on the reins, and "still win the race".

and at 6:30 both hands are down
I figured it out right before I was about to hit post...

That horse jockey origin of the saying is pretty neat.
Of Dawn!


Now if only I can follow that advice....