Rinaldi Armageddon and Chimera.

Mar 18, 1999
-Armageddon: My first impression when taking it out of the box was, whoa this is a chopper! It was light feeling in the hand and swung nicely. Only problem, spine of the handle was a little square and I thought it might raise blisters, so I took some fine sandpaper and rounded it out a little. Took the knives camping and was able to use the Armageddon quite a bit. I chopped some pine logs and some very hard seasoned wood from an apricot tree. The blade has a slight recurve to it which chopped great. And it has a nice choil so I could choke up on it and used it for whittling. Overall an awesome big blade.
-Chimera: First impression out of the box was, that it would be a super handy little knife. It fits perfectly in my hand, and is really light. On the trip I used it for all kinds of whittling, cutting different food and rope, and cleaning some fish. It performed perfectly on all of these tasks. Neither knife needed to be sharpened on the four day trip. The sheath is also very cool. I picked the woodland camo patterned Concealex, which looks good and feels sronger than Kydex. The small sheath also rides along on the big sheath, or can be removed and carried alone. This is a perfect set that covers all of my knife needs in one package. I'll try and get some pics up soon.

I'm really glad you found the Chimera handle to fit so well. Trace and I collaborated on the design and indeed that was the objective for the handle. The two finger cutouts progress from the guard back with decreasing depth followed by a bit of a palm swell. For me it's like having it spot welded in my hand

Obviously I love my Talonite Chimera. It's the one pictured on Trace's website.


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It really does fit well in my hand. It's the perfect utility blade, and with the big knife, their perfect. I am waiting on my first Talonite set from Rob Simonich, a Wilderness model with the Parasite, both in Talonite. I can't wait to get them! And I should thank you for the Cimera design, it's about the most perfect feeling handle I've ever held!
Tknife: Glad to hear your blades performed well for you. I should have rounded the edges more on the handle, but it slipped by me in my cold/flu medication induced stupor:)
On the Chimera, some seem to think the double finger grooves will be uncomfortable, or wont allow for a good reverse grip. Once they get one in thier hand those thoughts fade pretty quick. Anyway again glad to hear your blades worked well for you, and keep me informed on how they work in the long run..0

Bob: I like that spot weld comment its pretty accurate too.. I love the way those little knives feel.

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Trace Rinaldi
I have a Talonite Chimera on order from Trace. I am very much looking forward to it.

Glad to hear all these good things about the handles, as I am always worried, buying a knife sight unseen, that the handles won't be confortable. I have kinda big hands, too. For instance, I am selling my Mad Dog Lab Rat because the handles don't fit my large hands very well.

Anyway, I am very excited to get my Chimera. I decided on blue polished G-10 and carbon fiber concealex for the sheath. Mosaic pins, of course.

Can't wait!

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I would say my hands are on the medium/large side, and the Chimera handle fits like the proverbial glove. I did even more cutting with it this weekend, and it's a real joy to use. You won't be disapointed!