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Rinaldi TKK Review from a Newbie

I'd like to thank Spark for an e-mail response to me making webpage construction sound so easy. While it took a while (it wasn't as easy as I first thought to make it look mostly right), I posted a review of my new Rinaldi TKK. This review is from someone new to webpages, digital cameras (the pictures don't do the knife any justice), HTML conversion, and writing reviews in general, so I hope the gang likes it.

Find it at http://my.voyager.net/dlehue/tkkrev1.html
Oct 3, 1998
Great review, Don! The drop-blade design (instead of a regular guard) is obviously the only way to go if you want something to perform acceptably in the kitchen. But how do you like the drop-blade for utility cutting? Between the index finger groove and the drop-blade up front, did your fingers feel secure & safe?

I was actually working on this page last night for inclusion into our reviews section, and he did a real good job.

As soon as it's ready, I'll be putting it up here as well.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Spark, thanks again for the encouragement, and I must say I'm rather honored that you're also including it here in Blade Forums.

Joe, I never really noticed any sort of slipping in my grip while using the TKK. You are correct that the drop point design and the index finger groove gave a solid hold. I didn't do any overly agressive stabbing, but punching through shipping gaylords gave a pretty good idea that the grip was quite secure. Admittedly, I'm planning on using it mostly for utility first and kitchen use second, but even with "chicken ick" all over the handle, it felt very secure.

The idea of my review was to try to demonstrate how well the knife works for the purposes and in the particular ways that I use a knife. We all have slightly different ways of using knives as tools, and I simply used examples from my real life use of a knife as a tool. The testing and review was alot of fun, and I learned alot about how knives are used and reviewed from these forums, so I really have many of you to thank for any success this review brings. Of course, it helps to have a great knife to test and review in the first place.

I found the knife held firm even on strong forward thrusts, just interested in hearing how it's working for others... thanks for your response.