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Rinaldi vs. Crawford

Jun 24, 1999
I am looking for a kneck knife and so far best ones that I have found are the Rinaldi Taipan and the Kasper/Crawford kneck knife. Does anyone here own either or both of these knives. What is your opinion on these knives. Have you heard any pro's or con's about them. I know many of you will tell me that you've had great experiences with both of these makers and their knives are great, but know nothing about these specific knives. Well I have knives from both makers and know that they are both superior craftsmen but I have no knowledge concerning theses knives.
Thanks for your help
I believe that there's a Taipai for sale in the individual for sale area. (Not mine)

I have Trace's first Talonite knife, the Chimera (pictured on his web site). He does great work