Ripped Off and Ripping Mad

I am not sure that I understand, if the knife is lost between you and the dealer, who has to make a claim with the post office and when does the dealer ship another knife? A. G.

The recent, unfortunate death of Dale Earnhart led to a wholesale disappearance from the mails of the Autoweek weekly magazine covering the Daytona 500 and his death. It was in a clear plastic bag with the 200 page "2001 Fan Guide" and neither was delivered to me. I called Crain Publications, the publisher, and was told that many, many hundreds of copies had diappeared from the mail. They asked if I had a private delivery or an open bin for magazines as in many apartment complexes. I told them that I live in a private house with a mail slot in the door. This meant that the magazine had disappeared somewhere in the USPS system. Crain said that they have had to run a whole second printing of the issue and of the Fan Guide because of this and to send them out in "plain brown wrappers". Now, I will admit that this is an exceptional situation, but I don't believe that the publisher should be stuck with this cost.

Walk in the Light,
Hugh Fuller

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i'm sorry for you too, peter. i just rec'd a package from dennis wright. i see from the wrapper that he uses only his name. thank you for your post. i wouldn't have thought to leave off the "knife store" name. in fact, when i mailed the mo i did use his business name....what a goober!