Rit dyed my dragonfly salt to make it less big bird colored!


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Aug 9, 2015
Decided to try rit dyeing my old yellow dragonfly 2 salt because I hate yellow. Didn’t really put much thought into it... and decided to hold off on doing my bugout until I figure out how to control the shade of red a bit more, but I think it came out OK. Is better than yellow, at least.

I used the scarlet red all purpose rit dye in a pot on the stove for about 30 min with some vinegar. At the 10 min mark I could still see yellow. At 20 it was already about the color it is now. Need some practice...

Anyways, now I would call it a burgundy-purple-brown? BPB? The new designer color of 2019, maybe?
F157FD19-9ADC-4B26-B420-D04F6A861F16.jpeg 40C79AC1-D4A3-49E2-AA42-8C4BCF072EE4.jpeg
Looks exceptionally GREAT !
But you know . . . if you were to ever drop Big Bird in a lake and he sank to the bottom you would still, most likely, be able to spot him.
Thanks guys, the color is growing on me. I think I just had like a ferrari red in my head initially, so I just have to adjust to it a bit :)

I had the same thought about dropping it in a lake and losing it now, but then figured that it doesn’t matter what color it is, I’m most likely not going to be diving to get it either way, so at least with this color, it won’t be taunting me :)
Very nice. I tried this with the liquid rit, no go but when I used the powder it took quite well and never faded. Crazy how the vinegar etches it deep into the material.