River City Chinook sheath

Oct 3, 1998
Decided that my Chinook needed to be carried sans clip, as it was not really drawing that smooth from my pocket. Asked Mike if he made a Chinook belt sheath and sure enough, he does. I decided against the Teklock style, too much "stuff". So, Mike made it with the J style clip, and multi-carry options are vertical/horizontal. After trying it in several positions, I settled on vertical but inverted, so to draw I pull down and snap, the knife is free. I'm working on doing the
Spydie drop at the same time, but that is going to take a little more time;). The sheath holds it very securely, I have not been able to dislodge it accidently (or otherwise!).
I really like this method of carry for the Chinook, it also works w/o a belt on, just slide the clip over the waistband.
As usual, a great bit of work on Mike's part, like his other sheaths I have. I know there will more in the future. ;)
Hey Brian....

Yup there he goes again copying my designs..

Bla,Bla Bla,, That's all I hear Sastre This,, Sastre That..

LOL.. I'm just play'N with ya Mike...:)

Brian,, if Mikes had his hands on it,, it's done right...

Would love to see some pictures of it,,so I can make a copy.. LOL:)


Eric :) :)
Eric, forward the pics to me so I can copy it from you! :D I have one of Mike's breakfront sheaths for a REKAT Pioneer and it works great with one exception: it really beats up the lock button. Everything else about it is stellar, though, and the fact that it is all one piece of Kydex is even cooler!

Thanks for the kind words!! To do the "Spydie Drop" on the draw, try pulling in an arc with the direction of the handle curvature. This should help to deploy the blade on the draw.


No problem, Bro'. Any copying by you would be considered collaboration or sincere flattery.;)
Have pictures if you want 'em.

As to "really beats up the lock button", sounds like self-inflicted wounds to me. As I recall from the review done on this particular peice, the knife was being pulled out the top until it was pointed out that this is a BREAKFRONT sheath. When an item is pushed or rocked out from a breakfront sheath, the intial contact of the leading edge spreads the jaw of the breakfront, thereby unlocking the hold the molded material has on any shapes involved. This allows the item to slide and glide out, without any undue stress on the parts. If you pull perpendicular to the way the jaw opens (out the top), this unlocking does not occur, and you fight the very forces that hold the item secure in the sheath and cause stress to everything. This would account for most, if not all, the wear and tear on the lock button. My personal Pocket Hobbit has done many hundreds of high speed blade presentations out of heavy duty breakfronts, with absolutely no damage to the lock button. The material used is Concealex, not kydex. While they look similar, Concealex is a little stiffer (aids retention) and has a slicker inner surface (aids the "slide and glide") than kydex. Both Eric and I agree that we can give our customers a much better product by using Concealex. I've got several sheets of .093 kydex that I haven't used since I discovered Concealex. I can't give my clients less than what I consider the best.

Mike Sastre
River City Sheaths
been practising and I can do it most of the time now. Thanks again, this sheath makes my Chinook just that much better-and that's saying alot. Anyone looking for a quality concealex sheath would be happy with Mike's work.
No dis-respect Normark, Mike is a whole lot closer tho! ;)