Riverside Machinery Stampmaster

Oct 6, 1999
I've just been to the Riverside machinery website and viewed their Stampmaster. Looks great, has anyone had experience with this one? Where would one go to have a custom stamp made to fit this? try www.riversidemachine.net--thanks--Dan

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Had one made by "Henry Evers Corp." 1.800.55.EVERS, prompt turn around, easy to work with, the stamp is a work of art, they even Rockwell tested it. They usually have an ad in Blade Magazine with some more info.

I have used a Riverside stampmaster for several years. I have stamped hundreds of blades. It works great. I would not like to be without it. By the way, I fixed it up so it sits on my 125lb anvil when I use it.
I have not ever seen anything sold by Uncle Al that was not first rate quality.
I can't speak for this exact item, but I agree that Uncle Al's stuff is of extremely high quality. I just bought his filing fixture...and I'm not sure how I got along without it before.

I can speak directly for Henry Evers Corp. stamps and say that what R Dannemann said is true. I like to use my etching unit most of the time...but the stamp I have from Evers is great, as was the service.

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I haven't seen this particular device up close but a very good friend of mine uses an arbor press for stamping his blades and it is the cat's meow. Perfect every time, well, except for the time he put the stamp in backwards!!!

Uncle Al? Top notch supplier and is VERY fair on prices.

Nick is right on about the file fixture. Yeah, at first it seems that 95 bucks is a bit much for such a piece of equipment until you use it! The quality of the fit on my guards and tangs went waaaaaaay up the scale.
(that's the secret guys, better get one)

C Wilkins
Thanks guys, this is just what I was looking for. I'll be buying his filing jig first.

Try a RAK-(Random Act of Kindness)-you'll like it!