Rob Frinks work

Feb 14, 2000
I would like all you knife makers that need
metal work done,contact wheels,idler,or any thing that has to do with knife making to give Rob a try,
I have had sevral thing done by him in the past and plan to get a couple other thing done by him.
His work and servic is tops you will not
find a better tooling engineer any were at any price.
Rob I probably speak for alot of knife makers keep up the good work
Howdy There...!
I must agree completely, friend purchased one of Rob's grinders and it is great. One of the most solid build grinder I have ever seen. It runs smooth as silk, and I have ground some blades with it and I is solid as a rock. Give Rob a check out..!


Thomas Clegg
Absolutely!!! What I really appreciate about having Rob build something for me is that he will work with you in the design or from your plans. Thats rare nowadays!

Take care!! Michael

Always think of your fellow knife makers as partners in the search for the perfect blade, not as people trying to compete with you and your work!

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Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms!!!
Hi Michael,

Did you ever get that "whirly-gig" disk grinding attachment for your square wheel going? I built a spare when I made yours, but I've never tried mine out. I thought you had a clever idea and I've always wondered how it worked out....let us know.

Thank you for the kind words gentleman!


Robert Frink
Beaumont Metal Works