Rob Simonich Auction


Jul 25, 2002
It doesn’t seem as though one year has gone by since our friend Rob has passed. He touched so many and I know his spirit is with many of us everyday. Last year, some of Rob’s closest knifemaker friends got together and came up with the idea of making some knives and putting them up for auction, with the proceeds to go to Christine Simonich. I have never seen such a community pull together so quickly to aid another in the time of need.

Knifemakers who have contributed custom knives to this auction include:

Jerry Hossom
Mick Strider
Duane Dwyer
R.W. Clark
Rob Patton
Tom Mayo
Trace Rinaldi

Darrel Ralph also contributed a knife.

The auction has begun in Rob's forum under Manufacture's here is the link. Good luck to all and thank you for participating.
Oct 3, 1998
Ida thanks for your hard work taking care of the auction for our Pal Robs family. :cool: You guys all be sure to give the knives a look see now.