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Robbie Dalton?

OK I always surf looking for deals and in the for sale board I see 2 dealers have a new auto by Robbie Dalton. Who is this person? Is his stuff any good? Should I spend the extra bucks on MT? What is the warranty? The price is right but I don't want a lemon.

Scuba Doo
I can't tell you much about the man himself, but he makes nice knives. They are not MT caliber, however, and that is reflected in the price. There is a big difference between a 180.00 M6 and a 400.00 HALO2.

I have both, and I use the Dalton on a daily basis. It is a good work knife, whereas the HALO would be a good work knife if it wasn't so expensive.

Buy yourself a small MT, like the M-UDT, and you will see the quality that makes MT the best. Dalton is very good quality too, but you have to hold an MT to know why we are all addicted to them.

Hope it helps.

I am a Dalton fan. I bought an Auto Tanto 2 years ago and have beat the daylights out of it. I love it. I recently purchased a Dalton Arc Angel (the first OTF I ever liked) and a guy at my church made me an offer I couldn't refuse so I sold it. I am looking for another.

I have only met one dealer that knew how to reach Robbie and claims that he is a bit of a butt-head. That's just heresay mind you and my sister-in-laws say the same thing about me.

Just my opinion - I like Microtechs, but I don't find an additional $220.00 worth of knife in a Nemesis vs. an M6.
If you can't find the maker, how can you expect to get anything warrenteed? Answer--you can't. I don't like the cocking mechanism on out the front Daltons, it prevents you from wrapping your entire hand solidly around the entire knife when opening the knife (it would hit your hand). That is a terrible design and sways me towards a Microtech every time. I could go for a side opening Dalton but they look a little cobby in the finish department and would still have that warrentee problem.
owned all the daltons at one time or other
never had nor heard of any problems with a
From: Ivan8883@aol.com 6-6-99640PMedt I bought a R. Dalton Scorpion.in April and got rid of it in May. I only bought it because I mistakenly thought a friend wanted that model.He didnt and I quickly sold it to a dealer. I personally wasnt impressed with the knife at all.Didnot care for the curved blade and thought the feel and handling of the knife was lousy.Give me a Xo-Lite Paragon or GT auto anyday and if I wanted to step up in the auto catagory I would go to a MOD Trident. Ivan