Jun 13, 1999
2 more new babies (steel ones), 1/8 x 1 x 5, 2 1/2" blades-- deep-bellied drop-point (Severen) and Wharncliffe (Herveste), only $85 a pop. Click on the link in my signature to check 'em out. (If Sifl hasn't killed the links with his renovation-- is the decorator within coming out of the closet? LOL!)

Sean Perkins

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Oh boy...I knew we were in for something when I saw the subject line!
I'll have to switch over to a grapic browser so I can check 'em out. Oh, BTW, who seconds my nomination of Sean as having the most numerous and short-lived designs in one month award?
Just kidding, Sean, but in all seriousness every time I look at your page there are new knives there and still-warm designs are gone! It's cool, one said the quest for perfection was an easy one, right?

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Can't be too sentimental, mon frere. Besides, the Douve sort of morphed into the Severen, and the Cisele will probably be back in a 5" version someday soon. No harm in being prolific, but I could use some patience, I admit.

Sean Perkins

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Keeps me from doing the SOS all the time, too. Speaking of which, the revamped Cisele should be uploaded under a new alias in the next day or two; I'm falling in love with these semi-chunky handles and deep-slicing blades, so take it from there.

Sean Perkins