Rockwell Testers

Mar 27, 1999
:confused: I made a prior post on rockwell testers and didn't get any response, probably my fault for not being very clear. I'm thinking of buying a tester and have been watching E-Bay. Just need some guidance on what to look for. I've noticed Wilsons in every price range and imports about the same. Any advice appreciated.
There are several kinds, you are looking for a tester that: has a diamond point and tester calibration block included and will test the Rockwell C scale and is assured of being in good working order. A portable one is good, a table top one can run a couple hundred pounds. There are several brands. Mine is a Wilson portable. Expect to pay a couple hundred for a portable and three or four hundred for a desktop.
email me with the maximum budget and verify it is primarily for your blade testing (Rockwell C scale) and, if you like, I can help you look for one on Ebay.

:) Thanks Mr.Linger I'll do that. I've been watching E-Bay but have been totally confused (which is normal for me).