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Roger Massey


Platinum Member
Nov 28, 1999
Just checking the forums to see if anybody else but me is crazy about this man's work. I just got a box in the mail today, and almost fell over on the floor when I opened it! What a bowie! Roger and I have been talking about this bowie for more than a year, and it is well worth the wait. Clip point blade is 9" of forged 52100, with nickel silver oval guard, collar and buttcap. Oval guard is rope fileworked, collar has groove filework around it, and the buttcap is fileworked also. Handle is a block of presentation grade desert ironwood that I bought off the internet for a healthy price. Nice leather sheath made by Roger with a swivel on it so that it moves out of the way when you sit down. Typical Massey craftsmanship, Awesome! I'm trying to scrape up enough money to buy a digital camera, and then I will take some pictures. This one is a candidate for Weyer to photograph.

Danbo, soul brother of Rambo
cmon Danbo send me a damn pic already ......

Besides being highly skilled at what he does, Roger is also a very good gentleman and is a pleasure to visit with. You can't go wrong on a knife of that high a quality.

Ray Kirk
Ya lets see a pic! I know you have a nice scanner and a nice new computer.


Tom Carey
I too am an admirer of Masseys work

Have a bowie no orer from him myself. He does extremely clean work, thats something very few can claim.

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