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Rolling - Lock Custom (CRAWFORD)

Nov 16, 1998
Seen one pic of this knife. Even without all the specs on it yet, I WANT IT! I do know that the blade is just under 4" and the first to be released is a clip style blade.
Hopefully the tanto version will follow.
The price will probably be the same as the KFF according to Pat. He is assuming at this point that is what the price will be.

Sure wish I could have been at the Shot Show so I could have handled it. Hopefully some pics and the specs will hit the forums real soon...mean while I have to just sit here drooling and waiting until I can actually get one of those bad boys myself!
Got them on order and waiting for their release.


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People


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I have tried to order one twice now. Hopefully one of these times I will get a response. Perhaps I should call instead of email?

When I received my latest issue of Combat Handguns today (May 99), turned to page 85, and saw the a picture of REKAT's Carnivore, I thought my heart skipped a beat.

A KFF-like folder.. with Rolling Lock.. and advertised for only $160! My hands are still shaking as I type this.

But like Mark, I am curious if anyone has any information or experience with this folder. I've checked out their web site, but to no avail. I'll be calling them tomorrow, credit card in condition 1.