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Rookie Tool Questions

Jan 3, 2007

My 20' by 30' with 16' high walls hobby shop (almost complete) consist of:
- 4'by8' Plasma CNC (this machine rocks!)
- 0.1 mircon filter system (or 0.01..not sure but it will clean welding or plasma smoke and deliver it back into the shop. I live in Canada...winter is here)
- Floor standing 1/2 " Delta Drill
- Table saw
- 14" bandsaw
- small bench grinder (cheap delta)
- hobart 175 welder
- 18 CFM at 90 psi 3 stage compressor
- cabinet sand blaster
- 14" wood planner
- hand grinders and too many hand tools to type out

I have been always interested in knife building. This summer I build my first 'kit' and now I have the BUG. My intentions is to build usable knives, like hunting, kitchen, etc. I am going to take a knife course this spring from Tom Storch. I intend on just starting off with Knife kits and then progress into grinding my own.

With a budget of $3000.00 what tools should I start purchasing. Please note that I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada...Some tools are not available here.

Dennis Paish
Metalmorphic Designs
The work horse of any shop is the belt grinder, in Canada the Bee grinder is the one to go with do to shipping and taxes attached to U.S. grinders (do a search on this forum and you will find info and pic's on this grinder). They cost about $1500cdn. Get a bunch of belts and a good supply of tool steel and handle materials. If you plan to forge blades an anvil and forge is needed. Poor boy blacksmith on e-bay has forges for $180u.s. You will also find a use for calipers, center scribe, a surface plate, vices and clamps. Hope this helps..:thumbup:
HI There

First off Welcome aboard..

I think you should get a good 2x72 grinder first. That my eat up most of your 3000.00 thou, but it will be a machine will not be able to live without once you get one. I would recomend a varitable speed motor at least 1hp.

I use a Bee grinder, They are made in Canada and a good value for the buck,I think a brand new varitable Bee will run you about 2-3 grand Cnd. 1500-2000 for single speed.

any left over I would put into steel and belts.

have fun and once again welcome to Bladeforums

Here is a link to a forum member ("Rob!") from your neck of the woods who sells knifemaking supplies and equipment:


You can see the Bee grinder there and "specialty" tools knifemakers tend to use.

Welcome to Shoptalk and knifemaking. :)

PS: if you edit your profile under "User CP" to include your location you will find it easier to connect with others in your area.
Thanks, I have already spoken with Rob at (knifemaker.com). He was very helpful. From my research, and your replies, I will be purchasing a 2hp varible speed BEE next month (ouch, there goes most of the 3k). Going to have a hard time explaining why I need a 3k knife sharpener by the 20k plasma cnc.