Rotation of knifes

Jul 15, 2001
Do you rotate every day ?
Do you go a few days before changing knife ?
I tend to carry a knife for 2-3 days before changing to another one.
It pretty much depends on how I feel at any given moment. But, yeah, normally I don't carry the same knife for more than about three days in a row. Plus, I usually carry one knife during the day (work, etc.) and then switch to another for "evening wear."
I don't rotate at all. I "replace" ocassionaly, when I find a Better knife than the one I am carrying. I carry 3 knives daily and a Multi-tool, so I always have the right tool for the job.
I always carry the same two REKAT folders: A Sifu, and a Carnivour Cub. I see no reason to change, UNLESS I'm going to a place that won't allow a blade over 4 inches. In that case, I replace my Sifu with one of my Carnivours.:).
oh yes i shift around a lot - tend to carry more fixed blade stuff in the fall and winter, alternating MOD Razorback/Gerber mark 1 /CRKT companion - in the summer usually carry SIFU when biking, and alternate it w/my crawford custom Kasper/Spydie Ti lum tanto/BM AFCK sometimes carrying 2 - and i also carry my gunting quite a lot, but only on my skunkworks belt sheath - so yes i alternate around all the time - it takes a while to adjust though, sometimes i will find myself reaching for the compression lock on the top of my BM AFCK, which has a liner lock lol - and reaching for the rolling lock button on other knives, etc - so be sure ya know what ya are carrying and be familiar w/operation too -

I've pretty much settled on carrying my blue BM940 to work.

I typically swap out in the evening and carry my Small Sebenza.

On the weekends it's usually my Benchmade Mini-Reflex or Timberline Discovery lock or Spyderco Mouse.

If I'm going to the lake, it's ALWAYS my Benchmade Ascent.

The rest of my knives pretty much just sit in my knife chest, and I expect these production knives will as well once I move more into customs.

I usually carry the same knives all the time:
Right pocket...Al Mar Sere 2000, Buck 3 blade pocket knife.
Left pocket....SAK Soldier
Back Right ....Mini AFCK M2
Lower Right....Mini SOCOM, red
Lower Left.....SAK Fireman
Belt,right.....Victorinox RS multi-tool
Belt,left......Camillius Talon,talonite
Neck...........Camillius Mini-Talon, talonite
And when I walk the Rat Terrier (daily)I usually grab my 4'rattan lahti with the Cold Steel Bushman attached to the top.

What can I say, I LIKE KNIVES!!

:D :rolleyes: :cool:
muzzleup isn't kidding about all the knives that he has hanging on him. I paid him a visit awhile back, and I swear...He looked like a walking knife-show...:D.:D.
Nothing set. I change the knife that I carry when I feel like it. Sometimes that is a few days, sometimes a few weeks.
Same knife everyday, seven days a week. DDR CF EDC
Sometimes an Apogee IWB, or small Seb in the left pocket or sheath, but always have the EDC.
I work in a defense plant, design group - my daily "sheeple freindly" carry is a W-H amber Kestral. The minute I change clothes, the BM 705 is in my pocket. In my attache there's always my L'man wave and on my keyring a "Micra".
I usually swap out on a monthly basis so I can get used to the knife all over again. My rotators are BM710 and an Emerson CQC7B. Also have started carrying a SAK Recruit in front left pocket on an ongoing basis.
Hi, all!

I agree with Nathan. It depends on what I'm wearing. I have knives that go with different outfits. I always wear 'that' knife with 'this' gown, dress, skirt, jeans, bikini, etc. I try to match the knife's personality with the mood I'm expressing by what I choose to wear. Makes sense to me!