rough use knife

Jul 9, 2010
hey guys. can anyone recomend a good, rough use, fixed blade knife with a blade under 5 1/2 and preferably over 5. willing to go up to 130. if you cant reccomend a knife that fits this, then tell me what your favorite is in roughly this catagory.
What kind of use?
Is it more important that the knife slice or be really really strong?
What kind of sheath do you prefer?
Handle material?

I like the esee-3 and some of the cold steel fixed blades
Somehow I have two scrapyard knives and no SR-77 (S7 tool steel) :(

I do have them in SR-101 though :) (52100 ball bearing steel)

The Scrapper 5 is a sweet mid sized blade, more than tough enough and with a great warranty.

Can't go wrong with busskin knives.
What ac1d said.

Have a look at the ESEE Knives lineup, there's probably something there that'll do what you want it to do. Great "rough use" knives at a great price point. Their warranty is hard to beat too.
ESEE5 or BK2 come to mind first for production blaes in that price range.
There are makers here on the forum who may be able to meet your price point as well.