RR Benchmade 710 Axis...

Oct 3, 1998

I just got mine in the post today... any one have anything good/ bad/ indifferent to fill me in on?
I am, so far, impressed with the edge right-outa-the-box... pops arm hair off like it doesn't even exist.
Funny thing, however- the blade has this faint bluish pattern from the very edge of the edge up the width of the blade about 1/16 of an inch. Ayone else notice this???

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Love the 710. Incredibly comfortable ergonomics, reliable lock, excellent blade shape for performance (though you'll want to reprofile the edge a bit to get all the performance out of it). My favorite 4"-bladed folder in the world, period.

Go back in time and check my article "How to Make the Benchmade Axis Perform". The edge I describe there garnered me a significant increase in performance.

I love the 710. So much that I had to buy a second one. I have to recommend that when the time comes to sharpen it, or before, take a look at the thread that Joe mentions above. I think it is this one: http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/000560.html . It goes into good detail on sharpening the blade. (as opposed to the handle, I guess
). (_e=mc^2_) Anyway, I think in that thread, he describes using the Spyderco Sharpmaker 204. The procedure can also be done with the 203 (older model, if you aren't familiar with it); you just have to be careful to maintain the same angle off of vertical on both sides of the blade when you are dragging it down the sticks during the thinning stroke on the sharpmaker. (you should know more what I mean after you read the thread) I did this to both of mine, and they work great. The sharpmaker really makes sharpening the 710 easier.

If you got the satin finish, and aren't familiar with ATS-34, watch the blade. It will develop some corrosion if you don't keep it a little oiled. You don't have to gunk it up, or use the high dollar knife protectants. Just a little oil on the blade of some kind will do (someone even said 'forehead' oil, or something like that; probably would work fine).

Mine holds the thinned edge very well. I have taken/used it camping, where it cut open packages, cut open a gatorade plastic bottle, cut bread, twine, and sharpened marshmallow-roasting sticks. After all that, it would still scrape hair off my arm. It's a good knife; enjoy it. OBTW, both of mine are plain edge; no serrations. What's yours?

Edited later... Here's another thread on the 710, with some more sharpening advice, and also some warnings...


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I consider the 710 the closest thing to a perfect knife that can be bought for a non-custome price. I also have it's little brother, the 705 and it is, bar none, the best sub-3" knife I've ever seen or owned. In my opinion, you just can't go wrong with these.

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I liked my BM710. My one quibble is that the out of box edge was piss poor. I'm currently having BM fix it at the factory. That pissed me off a little, but it's such a great knife, I'll be glad to welcome it home.

One of the best folders that can be had for any price. The Axis lock will take a serious beating, proving to be more reliable than at least one first generation REKAT Pioneer with a Rolling Lock.

I have been a little suspicious of that bluing at the edge myself, but my opinion at the moment is that it is the result of the final polish that they do to the edge during factory sharpening, rather than overheating the steel during the same operation. Whatever else may be said about Benchmade ATS-34 blades, it must be said that they do hold an edge very well, and they wouldn't do that if the edge was getting cooked at the factory.


Thanks for everyhing, guys.

Mine is satin finished/ plain edge.

I'm not big on serrations, except on steak and bread knives.

I think the bluish tint looks way cool- kinda like a temper line.

BTW- it feels great in the hand and moves well. The only problem is the blade is so slender compared to my Military, but I'll get used to it.

Oh, yeah- it shaves toothpicks like nothing else *except* my440V Military- and this is not only my first ATS34 blade, it is also my first Benchmade.

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"I liked my BM710. My one quibble is that the out of box edge was piss poor". - chizpuf

lol..piss poor

haven't heard that in a while

The 710 is a great knife IMHO. The edge from the factory was sharp, but a few minutes with the edge pro and the plain edge was hair popping sharp. It gets all of the routine tasks. The sebenza or military is there to watch or be used for finesse.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?

The edge on one of mine was piss poor, too. Not to mention BOTH of the ones I have the blades hit the plastic spacer: poor quality control on BM knives. I like the axis lock on the 710, it is probably the 2nd strongest lock out there compared to the REKAT rolling lock. Most of the factory edges on the 8 or so BM knives I have had only ONE was hair popping sharp. Thus far, Spyderco has the sharpest edges consistantly for production knives.

I found the 710 to be a good size knife. For myself, it is a little large for daily uses. I prefer the smaller 3" blades. I handled the mini 705: man it is SMALL....too small
And for my next trick...

Well, as soon as my knives are in from the shop, everything will be hunky dorey

thank you, thank you....

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