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RR - BM Axis

Oct 16, 1998
It may be early for this yet, as this is a newly-issued knife, but has anyone been using an Axis as a daily work knife? I saw a G-10 handled model in a store yesterday (I prefer the G-10 because I can easily custom-shape it to my hand with a little file-work) and was surprised to note that there is a lot of space between the steel liners and the blade; the bushings around the pivot are not sunk into the liners but are sandwiched between them & the blade. So it at least appears that the blade when open is not supported vey thoroughly; I am concerned that serious use will rapidly lead to side-to-side play.
Other than this issue, it seems like a great knife: very smooth opening (although without that satisfying "click" that liner-locks provide when opened), very useful blade shape, the lock itself is tremedous, and the handle feels much better in my hand than the Genesis (and with a little customizing will feel even better!). However I was not impressed with the tip-up carry, since it markedly slows down my presentation. On the whole, and without having actually used it, the knife seems very neat. But has anyone been putting these to task for a month or so - cutting open boxes, PVC, stuff that will torque the blade? How do they hold up? All info appreciated.

Hint: in a future issue of Knives Illustrated

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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When drawing a tip up knife, try giving it a quick whip at the end of the draw to snap it open....Maybe I am just weird...but it works like a charm with my VG, and my old AutoClip...