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RR Boker Brend

I was also wanting to know about this knife. If anyone has seen one in person, even if you don't own it please give your impressions.
It seems a lot of knife for the $.
Saw it at Blade. It's a good looking knife with a wood (?cocobollo) handle scales, and a recurve blade (?ats34). The blade looks to be about just sub 4". It's a pretty hefty looking. It's a linerlock knife. Since I swore off linerlocks, I didn't bother picking it up. Sorry, that's all I can say about it.

It is a really nice looking piece. The blade is 440c I think and comes in cocobolo or G-10. It is a linerlock and it is a decent size pocket knife. I am not sure if I saw a clip or not. Saw a lot of knives at Blade show. hope this helps
They are in stock at knife center of the internet, www.knifecenter.com.You have to use the search for Brend to find the page.
I handled one the other day and would have purchased it if I had not been picking up something else. 79.95 for G10 and 89.95 for cocobola wood.A hefty solid knife. Has a feel like a custom made folder.Strong lock up and good blade shape.Could be my next knife.

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Does anyone know where there is a picture
displaying the clip placement?
Just ordered one today.Looks to be a hefty user.Let you know in a couple days what I think.


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There is a clip, and I believe it's a tip-down carry knife. I like the looks on this knife, and might be getting one in G-10 real soon.

If anybody else got one, let us know how the 440C steel fares in terms of edge-holding, etc.

Guess what I got today??


Since it is going to be a gift, I can't really "abuse" it. First impressions....it's built like a tank. Very solid. I do like the blade design. It is much bigger than I thought, though!! Big knife for the money, I must say. Overall, I like it very much. Kinda jealous of the guy I'm giving it to!!

Okay, almost forgot. It's tip down carry. Small clip, huge knife.
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tobii3: which scales did you get, cocobolo or G-10?

Can't find specs on weight or handle size, so I was wondering how wide/thick the handles were (for pocket carry) and how heavy the knife feels. Thanks.
Sorry 'bout that. I got the G-10 handles. The knife itself really isn't that thick. Both sides are lined, and the knife handle is is open in the back for easier cleaning of "goo".
I Will take some digital photos and email if y'all want to see up close.
For the size of the knife, the weight feels right. Hard to explain, but it just feels good in your hand. Am I making sense??

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I got the Boker Brend Tactical Folder a few days ago...the one i got was the Damascus one, with wood handles...the first thing i noticed when i handled the knife was that it was HEFTY!! and good looking...another thing i like about it is that it uses hex screws...which are easier to obtain then those torx ones which are hard to come by in my area......

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I know of two people who had ssevere problems with the liner locks on their Böker Brends. When possible, check the locks before you buy.

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