RR: Camillus CQB-1 Terzuola

Apr 24, 1999
Hi, just wanted to see who's got it and who's been practicing w/ it. How does it handle? Which grip is more natural feeling, etc? A basic review, if anything, I'd think. Thanks in advance.
Hey Thrawn,

I've messed with mine a little. Overall, it's quite comfortable in the hand. The G10 is what I'd call "textured" - not polished, but providing a good gripping surface. It's not like Kraton - it's firm, not spongy, but you'd expect that out of G10.

The knife is well-balanced and from the way it falls into the hand, seems to be designed for thrusting.

I'm not real crazy about Kydex/Concealex for sheath material; I'd rather have leather or cordura. Still, the sheath is well made & tight.

Overall, it's good quality.

So, Thrawn, I see our tastes overlap

I took a look at the knife, and it's a good solid one. Definately worth it, I think. A terzuloa design combined with good steel and handle material, and it's tough to go wrong.
Let me know if you get a hold of one.

EdRozen-On the cutting edge of finding out what the cutting edge is....
Hey Ed, didn't know you liked this knife, too. Oh yeah, I did get your e-mails, but haven't had much time besides a VERY limited lunch to reply. And yes, I find the sig funny. Anyway, I'll let you know if I get ahold of one of these, particularly the smaller version.
Also, for the price it might worth taking a look at a TOPS fixed blade. I think you'll find the quality outstanding, and the price similar.